Holly Walker Answers Her Own Questions About The Gender Pay Gap

There is a reason many women get paid less than men. ?Holly Walker in quitting politics has?just answered her never-ending calls as to why there is a gender gap?in pay and opportunity for?young women.

They just find other more important things to do with their lives.

Pretend you are an employer (many of you do not need to pretend) and you have to pick a candidate for a?vacancy?that is not just a job (like an office cleaner) but a career. ?You do not want to put in resources, training and expertise into developing that person to have them quit.

Do you pick an almost equally qualified man or a woman?

Holly Walker has not and does not have to explain what her “family reasons”/”personal reasons” are for quitting politics. ?The only reason men seem to quit politics for personal or family reasons is if they’ve been caught with their pants down and it was demanded by either a spouse or angry husband. ?I am sure it is something far less trivial in Walker’s circumstances but my point is men do not quit with the ease women do.

It is Walker’s choice to quit and with her income as an MP could hire as much help as she wants to. ?Walker herself has commented that she received an incredible amount of support from her family, friends and the soft tree-hugging Taliban that is the Green Party.

Walker?spent most of her 20’s not in the workforce building an actual career in something of substance but major scale?degree collection,?winning a Rhodes Scholarship, attending the most colonial of academic institutions in Oxford, taking up space on the Green Party list in 2011, spending time out to have her first baby and has now quit for family reasons. ??

She may have a couple more years out of the workforce. ?The gender pay gap argument follows then she should be paid as much as a man with her qualifications on re-entry to the workforce or can ever catch up to a man who has worked since his early to mid-20’s? How would you ever judge that in terms of a job or a career?

Let us be brutal – is?that a good investment for an employer?

On paper Walker?is incredibly well (over) qualified for most jobs and careers. Sadly for her in a whole load of waffly non-commercial subjects. ?Many women seem to?feel they need to over-prove their worth on paper collecting degrees before actually getting amongst it. ?These women then believe?it should automatically follow that they are paid as much as men. ? Despite having time out of the workforce for babies and other special leave, and the higher than male statistical likelihood they will quit again.

In practice? ?In the private sector? Holly Walker would be a terrible investment.

You don’t need to attend Oxford to work as a Green Party advisor or become a mother, and likewise because you are bright you should be able to see why employers are reluctant to invest time, resources and energy into a woman who will just quit on them, no matter the reasons before they have become a net gain in terms of that investment spent on them.

I hope Walker’s personal circumstance is not too serious and again it is noone’s business to know precisely why she quit but for all her chest beating about the gender pay gap?the answer should now be all too obvious to her as to why women lag behind men in pay and opportunity.

They often just have other priorities in their life.