Hugging the corpse from National’s Epsom chair

It is my rule in politics to never hug a corpse…at least not publicly. People should keep their political necrophilia behind closed doors.

What a dumb move from a National Party officeholder to enthusiastically hug a rotting corpse, especially one who disgraced themselves and got the DCM from the highest levels of the party.

It is a great pity that Claudette has withdrawn her candidature, she is a fine person, extremely able and has done very well during her short time in the house.

Additionally Claudette has demonstrated very ably that National’s philosophies and support for individual responsibility and private enterprise are widely supported.

Haere Ra Claudette, all the very best for the future.

Tom Bowden

Though Bowden’s emotional dribble might be understandable as he’s had a pretty rotten year after his young blonde wife left him for a randy septuagenarian QC.

Still, it confirms why the National Party in Epsom is not much chop and why its easy for the PM to keep using Epsom as the strategic seat.

One thing though, I would have thought it better for Paul Goldsmith to knock on as many doors as possible because all that personal interaction with voters is sure to give the Act candidate a real boost.

I believe that Claudette Hauiti may have realised that she has let a great many people down and actually has the courage to call on them to apologise…that is good.




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  • Doodlehead

    Let’s face it, she was only there for quota

    • Blokeinauckland

      Female, Maori and lesbian. Really?

      • snoop

        lol … you are funny …

      • Night Stick

        Just saw one coming out of a pub who is the dead spitting image of her.

  • Night Stick

    Expense account rort was apparently way more than a couple of hundred dollars, and JK doesn’t tolerate that sort of behaviour.

  • hookerphil

    Is this the same Tom Bowden, CEO of HealthLink – if so i thought this comment was interesting “If we see a change in government in November, GPs will probably get more autonomy. That will be good, because the health bureaucracy has blown out due to a desire at all levels to micromanage.”

  • spanish_tudor

    Again, compare and contrast Key’s ability to get rid of the no-hopers, versus that of Cunliffe to do the same.

  • WestieBob

    Hauiti protected to the bitter end reads the stuff headline.
    JK has just skipped a couple of steps and she is gone. This is the result the media would have been calling for and it seems the outrage is because they didn’t get to scream for her head.

  • John Warren

    Hauiti is another in a long, long line of examples of what happens when a Maori has access to public money. They just can’t seem to help themselves. Is it some sort of cultural sense of entitlement?

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Budgeting classes just opened for them

    • Countiesfan

      Nasty bit of racial profiling JW. Is it hard to ride a horse while you’re wearing your white sheet?

      • John Warren

        Ha ha! I was waiting for such a reply. You needn’t worry, I don’t lynch the natives. I simply keep money out of their reach.

  • John Warren

    According to the NBR, “no reason has been given for her withdrawal.” ???!!!