Does Julian Assange subscribe to a rape culture?

The Standard and other various left wing people out there have been attacking the government and Murray McCully in particular over an alleged “rape Culture” in New Zealand and protecting the rights of victims to speak out about the “crimes” that were visited upon them.

It’s funny you know, because when you do a bit of research around this issue you find all sorts of interesting contradictions.

Take the case of Julian Assange…superficially it is similar to the Malaysian diplomat case. Assange is charged with actual rape, where as the Malaysian diplomat is charged with intent to rape. Assange’s charges are much more severe. Both are being sought for extradition to the country where the alleged crimes occurred. One used diplomatic protection to run, the other just ran and is hiding in another country’s embassy to avoid facing his accusers in court.

Now this is where it gets different. In New Zealand a foreigner appears to have picked up a “rape culture”…where as Julian Assange is portrayed as the victim of a vendetta and trumped up charges.

Lynn Prentice was particularly vociferous over the Assange case.

You will be interested to see the scorn with which Lprent – and other?commenters – pour on the alleged victim – and the stern defence of?where the burden of proof lies.




Same here in NZ. The Malaysian diplomat isn’t charged with rape, nor with attempted rape even, rather intent to rape. That hasn’t stopped endless posts on left wing blogs including the standard talking about a “rape culture”.


Lynn Prentice seems to have a very different point of view as do many of the commenters on that post about the burden of proof and almost no concern for the victims.

That is in stark contrast from their current stance on accepting everything that Tania Billingsley has to say on the matter. Her word is gospel but the alleged victims in the Assange charges are molls aiding and abetting trumped up charges instigated by foreign governments.

There is??support for the alleged victims in that post from The Standard…no rape culture being talked about there, it’s all about poor Julian Assange…and because he is a hero of the left wing he gets a free ride on answering questions about his alleged rapey behaviour.

But if there is a chance of getting a hit on John Key or Murray McCully from the alleged incident in Wellington that just also happens to have happened to?involve a Green activist and Wellington Rape Crisis activist then all their previous positions on attacking alleged victims are out the window.

Imagine the outcry if I wrote a post exclaiming that?Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail was just the poor innocent victim of a cabal of militant feminists seeking to capitalise on a random event in order to push their agenda that all men are rapists and there is a rape culture in NZ.

We have extradition treaties for a reason, we have courts who can get to the bottom of these things. Instead what we have here are political activists and media seeking to subvert judicial processes and making themselves look like top notch hypocrites in?the?process.

Is it too much to ask that the same people who are talking about victims rights now, revisit their comments in the past and think about victims rights for the alleged victims in the Assange case….instead of providing their undying support for a leftist, anarchist hero who is sticking it to the man and so therefore doesn’t have to answer to criminal charges?