It’s not kids we should be caging, it’s the mayor


Some wag put a fake sign on a council cage and some fools fell for it and got all outraged, as people seem to do these days.

It began with an email from Andrew Clerk to our ONE News inbox.

“I was bemused”, he told us.

We couldn’t quite believe it either. A caged off area in Auckland’s Waiataura Reserve with a peculiar sign.

The sign read “Parents: Put your small children in here – and enjoy a walk around the park in peace”.

It then went on to specify a maximum 30 minute time limit, as if the idea of leaving your child locked in a cage while you roamed a park was only negligent if you were gone for any longer than half an hour.

Andrew Clerk, who’s a parent of two children, says the concept was “bizarre and outrageous”.

“It would be absolutely stupid to leave your kids in the cage” he says. ? ?

The sign specified the enclosure had been erected by Auckland City Council’s Parks department.

So armed with Andrew’s photo, ONE News went digging.

Locals in Remuera, home of the Waiataura Reserve, were just as outraged, but some suggested there might be more to the story.

So, we contacted the Auckland City Council for clarification. Initially, it was unclear whether the sign was genuine, or in fact whether the council had even erected the enclosure in the first place.

But this afternoon, a breakthrough.

Jane Aickin, the council’s Local and Sports Parks manager, said the fenced-off area has been built to house a rainfall monitoring station.

I’ve taken the liberty of preparing a more appropriate sign for residents of Waiatarua.