List spots signal potential deals

Claire Trevett observes that National’s list spots reveal the intention behind National’s potential deals.

National has sent a clear signal it will do a deal in the Ohariu and Epsom electorates by ranking its candidates in those electorates in high list places.

The highest ranked non-MP is Brett Hudson, National’s new candidate in Ohariu. Ohariu is currently held by United Future leader Peter Dunne, one of the National Government’s support partners.

Prime Minister John Key is expected to announce next week whether he will guide National voters in Ohariu and Epsom to give their electorate votes to Mr Dunne and Act’s David Seymour in those electorates to try to ensure National has support partner options.

Mr Hudson is the only non-MP who is ranked above some sitting MPs, at 39th place on the list and on current polling is a certainty to get into Parliament.

Epsom candidate Paul Goldsmith is ranked at 30 – nine slots above his 2011 ranking.

Mr Key is also expected to decide whether to cut a similar deal in East Coast Bays.

It is safe to assume that Epsom and Ohariu are done deals.

I think it is also pretty safe to assume that there will be no deal in East Coast Bays.

We are likely to get a steer on that from the poll results tonight on One News.

Quite simply though Colin Craig does not deserve a deal. All he ever does is attack National, all he is trying to do is pare off votes from National and all of his advertising and speeches are alla bout attacking National. He is acting and looking like an opposition politician, so best he throws his lot in with all the other weirdos out there.

John Key will be polite, he always is when knifing someone, he will say that if Colin Craig wants to be involved in government then best he gets to 5 %.

That will be a signal that National doesn’t rate them, and that they prefer the bad rather than the mad.

Let Colin Craig and Winston Peters fight it out for votes from?the mad, bewildered and racist voters.

A vote for Colin Craig is a vote for a Labour/Green government propped up by lonnies from Internet Mana Party.


– NZ Herald