Part 1: A sensible perspective on the Israel/Gaza conflict

Today kicks off my daily series of posts on the current conflict between Israel and the fenced off terrorist compound known as the Gaza Strip. There will probably be accusations of bias, but for that I make no apology. There is and always has been a clear and obvious bias by the mainstream media in favour of the terrorists, not the “Palestinians” in a general sense as they would have you believe.

The trouble with television media and now social media is the ability for not only awareness, but to manipulate the kinds of people less inclined to think rationally and react emotionally to things they are told or see paraded in front of them on television, supporting and propagating more mass hysteria and outrage against Israel every time they retaliate in defense of their people.

Let’s not forget that this did not start with the kidnapping of 3 Israeli youths. Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel on a weekly basis for several years which the Iron Dome missile defense system has been intercepting all the while the world media remains in ignorance and silence until the straw breaks the camel’s back and Israel decides to fight back.

One thing the media will report for eager eyes and ears is the ‘perfect story’ with footage of a UN school or hospital in Gaza bombed out, rhetoric about “targeting children” and indiscriminate murder of civilians. The one thing they won’t/don’t show you is footage of Hamas militants firing rockets from the schools and hospitals at Israel, indiscriminately targeting anything they can hit whether that be a civilian or military target. The Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated places in the world, and the IDF takes this into account by issuing warnings before making strikes.

Since the MSM neglect to sufficiently cover both sides of a missile strike on a school, here is how and why it all kicks off:

Pat Condell,??atheist?internet personality, denouncer of religion particularly Islam has done a series of videos on the Israeli Palestinian ‘situation’

I used to be a lot more critical of Israel until I stopped looking at the situation emotionally and looked at the facts.

I?ve made several videos about this subject, so I won?t go over it again here, except to say that I now believe that the only obstacle to a peaceful solution is Arab Muslim intransigence driven by crude religious hatred, and that the western world is collaborating with a monstrous lie.

In short, I support Israel, a civilised pluralist democracy where all citizens, Jewish and Arab, are equal.

Don?t believe the ?apartheid? propaganda.

Here are a few videos telling the truth about Israel and ?Palestine?.




Tomorrow part 2:?The sinister deception of television media and Pallywood