What should Rod Drury sledge back to Kim Dotcom?

Rod-Drury-Clipped-1Kim Dotcom has decided to attack one of New Zealand’s best entrepreneurs.

A war of words has erupted between Kim Dotcom and the founder of online accounting software firm Xero.

Speaking on TVNZ’s Q+A programme, Rod Drury said Internet Party leader Laila Harre knows nothing about technology and he wished Mr Dotcom would go away.

“At the beginning it was really cool to see someone like that come through but his manipulation of the media, so he’s very media savvy, understands that it’s a good story, that journalism’s cheap, I think it’s a big sideshow,” said Mr Drury.

Kim Dotcom then hit back with a string of?tweets, claiming Xero was over-valued and pointing out how many more users his own company has.

“CEO of totally overvalued NZ cloud ‘accounting’ company Xero (300k users) says: ‘I represent the Internet Generation. Kim Dotcom doesn’t’,” tweeted Kim Dotcom.

He then tweeted: “Could all my followers please become Xero customers NOW (great NZ cloud accounting) before their stock price crashes and I get blamed ;-).”

Basically he has sledged out Rod Drury saying he has a small cock.?

I reckon there are plenty of sledges back that Drury could do…here are some of my suggestions.

?My business model is built on adding value to business not stealing other people’s IP?

?At least I can travel freely to the US?

“At least I can see my own penis”

“I pay my staff high wages, not slave wages”

“I don’t need to hire security to keep my wife from shagging younger men”

“I didn’t buy a baby”

?I can wear normal clothes not custom made onesies?

“Swim at Kim’s? That’s because the fat bastard?can’t surf and ride mountain bikes”

See what you can come up with in the comments.