Part 2: The sinister deception of world media and Pallywood

One thing that has always stood out to me surrounding the past and current conflicts between Israel and the resident Gaza Strip Arabs is the obvious imbalance of firepower. And I’m not talking about military firepower, I am talking about the weapons grade propaganda and compliance from the world media as the Gaza Arabs feed as much misinformation as possible to anyone carrying a camera and microphone.

We’re talking about supposedly reputable sources such as The Telegraph who have boots on the ground in Gaza reporting live to the world. The trouble is they report everything they see without question nor query. And like an infectious disease, it spreads far and wide as news repeaters around the world enable it to reach every citizen without an ounce of scrutiny. Perhaps it is a heat of the moment thing and not intentional in the frantic moments of a live report in a war zone, but is a clear and deliberate act of deceptive propaganda by ‘innocent’ Palestinians, Hamas and any other militant factions in Gaza.

A perfect example was this video released on The Telegraph website several days ago. Most people wouldn’t think twice about analyzing it in greater detail and take it face value. The sad reality of this is that it is more readily believable, after all that is what makes headlines, and to suggest that they would be faking is simply outrageous and akin to being a Nazi and a baby killer. It is not disputed that civilians have died, but what is in dispute is what is being paraded before your eyes on television and internet footage.

“We’re not sure what we’re gonna find, but there’s a body being brought past us right now”

If only that were true. A closer look reveals the “body” is very much alive, not a drop of blood on him and is quite happily moving his arms and even seems to be holding the cloth over his face with the other hand as he is carried past the waiting cameras in a staged Pallywood performance of a civilian casualty. I bet the rag over his face is concealing the biggest grin as the media swallows every bit of it hook line and sinker.

Pallywood stunt for The Telegraph

Pallywood stunt for The Telegraph

Next comes the other modern day weapon on the battlefield: the internet. While being a tool for getting the right messages out there, as the Syrians and Iranians have confirmed it can also be used to spread misinformation. This is a useful weapon in garnering public support by the masses of people that aren’t naturally inquisitive or easily lead by the nose with everything they see online.

But sometimes things are treated as genuine, when in fact they were not intended to be but spread far and wide on social media by the slobbering masses of computer chair activists:

From the Times of Israel:

?A fake ?screenshot? of The Times of Israel?s homepage made social media rounds over the weekend, purportedly showing a report of Israel?s airstrikes?on the Gaza Strip being screened on a Tel Aviv beach.

But as most savvy news consumers already know, that screenshot was a doctored photo and the only thing Tel Aviv beachgoers are watching are sand, waves and the occasional Iron Dome interception overhead after Hamas shoots rockets at the city.

The headline on the supposed screenshot, dating from Thursday, July 17, reads ?Tel-Aviv municipality to install giant screens on beach to watch IDF offensive in live.? The picture and text are reminiscent of?controversial (and real) photos of Sderot residents sitting on a hilltop to watch the Israeli Air Force conduct air raids?on the Strip.

The underline of the ?story? reads: ?Finally, IDF supporters will have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite game in an ideal environment. Hundreds of thousands of fans are expected to gather on the beach tonight and enjoy the warm summer evening while counting the F-16 strikes on the nearby coastal city of Gaza.?

The image accompanying the story shows two people sitting in beach chairs, purportedly in Tel Aviv, looking at a large television screen that shows a?bombing.

The photo of the bombing can also be seen on the right-hand side of the ?screenshot? ? the ?Current Top Stories? section of the Times of Israel?s homepage.

The photo is doctored; the shot of the bombing was photoshopped onto the screen.

The original photo was actually taken over a month ago, on June 16, 2014 ? not in Tel Aviv, but in Brazil. The shot, taken by?Associated Press photographer Wong Maye-E, depicts?two men relaxing between games in front of a blank screen erected on the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro for fans to watch live broadcasts of the World Cup.

The fake screenshot supposedly taken from The Times of Israel was first posted on Thursday, July 17. It was uploaded to Twitter by user @boun0479, who identifies himself as?Nicolas Bousserez, an atmospheric scientist and musician from Boulder, Colorado, and retweeted ? at the time of writing ? 267 times.

Bousserez?s doctored photo was likely?meant as a parody on a photo uploaded to Twitter on July 9 by Danish journalist Allan Sorensen. Dubbed ?Sderot cinema? by Sorenson, the photo showed Israeli citizens in Sderot sitting on beach chairs while viewing IDF strikes on the Gaza Strip.

Sorensen?s tweet?caused a media stir, as it seemed to portray Israelis as eager to watch violence against residents of the Gaza Strip.?Bousserez most likely intended to?drive the message home, and at least one source ? Mondoweiss columnist Steven Salata, at whom?Bousserez tweeted the doctored image ? confirmed that it was ?more of Nicholas?s brilliant satire.?

Bousserez himself then wrote, ?I?m afraid reality will soon outdo the satire my friend. Harder and harder to be creative,? indicating that the image was indeed meant to be satirical.



So there you go, don’t believe everything you see or read. There are enough stupid people walking this earth, don’t be one of them. Stupid people instantly react with emotion instead of?using?logic and being naturally curious and questioning about the messages they are being fed.

People that think before reacting don’t do things like this guy:


That picture encapsulates everything that is wrong with people who don’t question what they hear and see. If this LGBT activist had done a little research first, ?he would be quite shocked to find out what happens to the likes of him at the hands of the radical Islamists: stoned to death, burned alive, hangings and being singled out in the street to be beaten to death by a mob.

But don’t let that get in the way of a good protest.

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