Sorry – For Lumping NZ Men In With Alleged Dirty Malaysian Diplomat

Alleged Cowardly Runaway Dirty Malaysian Diplomat

Alleged Cowardly Runaway Dirty Malaysian Diplomat

I watched Tania Billingsley’s interview on 3rd Degree on her experiences in dealing with an alleged cowardly runaway dirty Malaysian diplomat.

I don’t have any?doubt that she is telling the truth about being sexually assaulted and while I think she never should have appeared on television until after the extradition has actually taken place (now more difficult of course) it was her choice.

But the entire piece reeks of a politically motivated woman focusing on making political points at New Zealand men in an?anti-National tone (McCully and Key both named) to push an agenda. ?I am pretty certain she will end up being named as a supporter of the political left of the spectrum.

As a woman I have complete sympathy for what happened to her in terms of the alleged assault, what happened to her was awful and the only positive was that it was an attempted assault not a “successful” one. ?Likewise as a woman I do not support?what she?has said and the agenda she is pushing with her appearance on 3rd Degree.

Miss Billingsley perhaps needs to remember in all of this that a New Zealand born male did not even commit this alleged sexual assault on her. ?

Every?commentator on the issue and any New Zealand man you speak to wants the alleged cowardly runaway dirty Diplomat?on the next plane. ?No one in New Zealand is supporting him. ?It is the wrong issue to push the barrow that “New Zealand has a rape culture”. ?

This was no normal sexual assault case. ?New Zealand men had to deal with a difficult diplomatic incident, yes they stuffed it up but they are now trying to fix it. ?Being politically active Billingsley should know what MFAT have to deal with and that they shouldn’t comment while a case is open. Their job will?not be made any easier now with her appearance on television. ?No doubt Malaysian officials will be watching this very closely and the diplomat may now suddenly be struck down with a severe mental incapacity such that he is “unfit to travel”. ?I foresee even his wife (or maybe even one of his many wives) may now be struck down with some sudden illness that requires his extradition to be delayed. ?Or the Malaysians may simply decide – bugger it after 3rd Degree there is no way he can receive a fair trial after an attractive strongly spoken “evil” western?woman wearing bright red lipstick appeared on television like that.

Most New Zealand men are polite, courteous, respectful and look after women. ? New Zealand is one of the best countries in the whole world in which to be a woman. If Miss Billingsley?was in Malaysia and this happened to her we won’t even go into how badly she would be treated and the issues New Zealand MFAT would have in getting justice for her. Chances are locals male and female would actually even blame her for what happened.

A good bit of public airing of New Zealand man hating won’t help Billingsley?or any of the other sexual assault victims or education thereof for men. ?Women can go around hating on men and shouting about “rape culture” but guess what?

Miss Billingsley actually praised the most important and often most criticised part of the “system” – the Police.

Towards the?end of the interview Paula Penfold asked Billingsley what she wanted, I was hoping her answer would be focusing on justice for herself with the alleged incident. Alas she didn’t really seem to know what she wanted and couldn’t even decide whether an apology?from Murray McCully would mean much anyway.

Maybe that is why one hasn’t been forthcoming.

Rather like David Cunliffe on that podium made a split-second judgment, to offer an apology you have to be sure that the person or people receiving it will be gracious in doing so, otherwise why bother?