Stone Age religion takes offence at cute doggies

Seriously if you can be offended by a Scottie dog then Glasgow might not be the best place to visit if you are a sensitive wee Islamist fundamentalist who is deeply concerned about anything in life which you might get pleasure out of.

Suicide bomber blowing up innocent civilians…straight to paradise, walking a Scottie dog…60 lashes.

Of course losing an airplane entirely with the loss of everyone onboard and flying another one over a war zone with similar results isn’t at all shameful and offensive, but walking a freakin’ dog is.

Malaysian politicians and religious leaders have attacked the use of Scottie dogs during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, claiming it was disrespectful to Muslims.

Around 40 Scottie dogs were used in the opening ceremony in Glasgow last Wednesday to lead teams around Celtic Park.  

The dogs, which all wore tartan dog coats with the name of each team on them, were widely praised on social media, with many people stating they thought they had “stolen the show”. Hamish, who led out the Scotland team, received one of the biggest cheers of the night.

Judy Murray tweeted after the ceremony: “Scottie dogs in tartan coats at CG opening ceremony. Barkingly brilliant.”

However, not everyone was as impressed. Political and religious leaders in Malaysia have claimed the use of dogs connected to Muslim countries was “disrespectful”.

Many Muslims refuse to have direct contact with dogs, which are considered by some to be “unclean” in Islamic culture. Some overseas Muslim groups have reportedly previously called for a jihad on dogs.

Possibly making matters worse was the fact that Jock, who was supposed to lead out the Malaysian team, sat down and refused to move as soon as his coat was put on, meaning he had to be carried by the team representative.

Mohamad Sabu, the deputy president of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party said: “Malaysia and all Islamic countries deserve and apology from the organiser.

“This is just so disrespectful to Malaysia and Muslims – especially as it happened during Ramadan. Muslims are not allowed to touch dogs, so the organiser should have been more aware and sensitive on this issue.

“It is hoped this incident can teach other Western countries to be more respectful in the future.”

Dato Ibrahim Bin Ali, a far-Right politician, former MP and founder and president of Malay supremacist group Perkasa also called for an apology.

“I think it is unbecoming. The hosts have not been sensitive enough – especially in a so-called knowledgeable and civilised society like Britain,” he said. “It is shameful and has offended not only Malaysia as a Muslim country, but Muslims around the world.”

No doubt some liberal apology for politician will express extreme regret instead of telling them to take their whinging elsewhere.

If you go to Malaysia and try whinging like that about being offended they’ll probably incarcerate you for disrespecting Islam and give a few strokes of the rotan on the way through.

I’m sick to death of people being outraged for the sake of being outraged.

– The Telegraph


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  • R McIntyre

    How about we in the west are offended that they are offended by something completely inoffensive and innocent to us?

  • OhopeBeachBuoy

    I always find it amusing and somewhat ironic when proponents of one stone age religion mock those of another.

    • wooted

      But what about all the apologies Islamists make when they offend us? Oh, wait …..

  • Cowgirl

    But, but…they’re man’s best friend! Imagine if they channelled that all that energy they use being outraged, into something useful. World Peace might break out or something.

  • Tony V

    We can send DC over to deliver the apology. He likes being sorry for things.

  • Sponge

    Yes it is important that the mussies focus on the big issues like this rather then the adherents to their mad religion that are ensuring their kids get killed in playgrounds.

    These muslims are the dogs.

  • sararebecca

    I half heard this on the news and thought I must have been imagining it! Is there no level too low for these plonkers to sink to in imagining they have been slighted?

    • OhopeBeachBuoy

      Yeah if someone is offended, they seem to believe they have the upper hand on you.

  • mommadog

    I love dogs so lets have lots of dogs in NZ (working dogs and loved family pets – not the tied in the back yard, ignored, untrained, go on to bite types). Lets get NZ known as one of the most dog friendly countries in the world and then Muslims will not want to immigrate here. Problem solved!

    • ozbob68

      I think the bacon and beer we consume will be more off-putting than the dogs.

      Edit: spelling

  • Lion_ess

    Stone age religion? Aren’t all religions from the stone age? Taking offense at scotties or taking offense at star symbols = it’s all the same to me.

  • ex-JAFA

    If they don’t approve of dogs, how do they hunt wild boar in the bush? Oh yeah…

  • burns_well_eh

    “Muslims are not allowed to touch dogs” I think that explains a lot about how their minds work. A good long walk with a faithful companion, a cuddle by the fireplace in winter and some good old fetch would probably bring their blood pressure down to non-jihad inducing levels.

    • Francis Heke

      Perhaps they’re more into cuddling goats.

      • Jimbob

        Only afterwards…

        • rustyjohn58

          Nah most goats just prefer a ciggy afterwards (or so I’ve heard)

      • Medium Sized Des

        Speaking of which, did you see that episode of Tosh.O??

  • Dixon

    Wow, just wow

  • LiberalMuggedByReality

    When Winston rallied against Asian immigration he had it all wrong…nothing wrong with Asians…they settle in, work hard, vote National and cause no problems…This lot however give every country they move too a major headache…Eurabia is doomed…

    • I think this one is even more to the point, because It’s in the Koran.

  • raumatirover

    “Some overseas Muslim groups have reportedly previously called for a jihad on dogs.” They’re barking mad!

    • 4077th

      Yes I almost fell off my chair laughing..

  • 4077th

    Silence! I Kill You! Achmed the dead terrorist.

    • Sponge

      I have never seen Achmed the dead terrorist before but have spent the last 1/2 hour watching him – absolutely brilliant.

      • 4077th

        I kill you!

        Edit: is comedy gold. Not just Achmed but other characters. Funny as hell.

  • kehua

    They should swap them for pigs.

  • cricko

    It’s always one way traffic with muslims.
    Why can’t they respect the fact that the Scots love dogs ?

    • Edward Bufe

      Lets include the Olympic games as well. It wouldn’t surprise me if Putin let a few Muslims in to execute some Israels at the next Olympic games. They are good at that, let it be Berlin all over again. They could use Minto as there mascot, just give him a pair of crossbones.

  • Muffin

    Easy fixed, tell them to not bother turing up next time.

  • Huia

    I think everything offends the Muslim religion. There is no tolerance at all to anyone else’s belief and customs, if the simplest things cause offence ie walking dogs then maybe they should all go back to their own home country where they wont so easily be offended. Oh that is right, they left their homes to begin new lives in new countries because their own country offended them with their strict Sharia laws and continual fighting. I think we are dammed if we don’t and dammed if we don’t with the Muslim religion, I for one am getting fed up to the back teeth with their lack of humour, ability to laugh at themselves plus wanting to change the world to suit themselves by fair means or foul and stuff everyone else. We have to stand our ground, stick to our own customs and not bow down to all the demands. I want to have Christmas, I want to celebrate Easter I do not want to see prayer breaks 5 times a day in our work places, women walking around wearing black rubbish sacks peering out of a little slot- work and adopt your new countries dress codes like everyone else does, fit your prayers around your free hours as you are in another country now, these things are insidious and when we back down once we lose something very special to us and our way of life.

    • Cowgirl

      Did we get upset by any of the stuff they did in the KL Games? I don’t recall being offended, but give me a minute. I’m sure if I cast my mind waaaay back and think really hard, I can come up with something.

    • wooted


  • Andy

    This is from the Daily Mash, surely?

  • Graeme

    Is it any wonder why the world is in turmoil. These islamic people have no sensitivity to other religions or people but we should respect them. What aload of rubbish!!

    • Jafa_Gazza

      Well Graeme, you have actually hit the nail smack on the head. This is actually their tenet – only Muslims are worthy – all others are infidels and deserve to die. It is the inherent duty of Muslims to propagate the Islamic faith and they do not and never will recognise or tolerate any other faith or follower.

  • Alistair June

    Muslims ARE allowed to touch dogs. Any Muslim who abides by such decrees as this deserves to be persecuted. Muslims need to rise up against such nonsense. It will serve them much better than abiding by stupid rulings.

  • johnnymanukau.

    Never thought I would ever say this but why doesn’t an angry pig just nuke the lot.

    • R McIntyre

      They do consider that this life is just a practice for the next….

    • cough

      Stick with not thinking. An angry pig nukes the lot because of a dog in a coat at a sporting ceremony. Might want to think that one through a little bit more.

      • johnnymanukau.

        Get with the script, those clowns have called for jihad on all dogs because they have been embarrassed by the Scots! a porker pressing the button would be just the ultimate.

  • JustanObserver

    The day that Muslim Extremists cease their disrespect for Human Life, and the rights of people to live their lives, will be the day I take any notice of their calls to cease disrespect to them.
    I have no issues showing Bretheren respect for their beliefs, or Buddhists, or even Muslim people who have integrated to our way of life. Each to their own I believe, as long as it does not impinge on others.
    We must start protecting our border from fundamentalists of any kind, and a great place to start would be by buying Wussel a ticket back to paradise.

    • Edward Bufe

      I have a problem with the Muslim God. The God I believe in says he has giving everyone a free will to choose whatever path that person decides to follow. It may not be the correct path but it will be your choice. I think the God I believe in is a democratic God. I believe in the Bible but is the Bible Gods wholly words, not too sure about that. The Muslim God has no qualms about executing any disbelievers and actually endorses it in the Koran. If you are of Muslim faith and change your faith then you must be executed. I am afraid that God does not wash with me and i would rather touch one of gods creatures a Scottie Terrier than an exponent of that kind of faith as i see them as being unclean

  • rouppe

    Right. So these Muslim countries aren’t offended that they once used to be ruled by Christians and refuse to attend the Games on those grounds.

    No, they decide to be offended by the use of an animal symbolic with the host country. Maybe they could have had a quiet word at the time and said “we won’t do the dog thing”. It seems like the team didn’t have a problem at the time, just the academics after the fact.

    I too am sick of everyone except white men being able to be offended at the drop of a hat.

  • R McIntyre

    And why are idiot western govts letting in muslims
    to gain sufficient critical mass to object to our liberated and clearly more civilised
    values? Condition should be permanent probation of immigrants &
    offspring for 10 generations to swear unequivocal allegiance to NZ values or go
    back to stone age countries they came from.

    • thor42

      I agree. It is committing cultural suicide.

  • sararebecca

    There is a lot of advice available in ‘The Little Green Book of Ayatollah Khomeini'(now deceased), former leader of Iran, on also sorts of sundry topics including dogs. On page 84 he states,” Dogs and pigs are unclean, except for those living in the water. Their hairs, bones, claws and excrements (sic) are also unclean. Yet, sea dogs and sea pigs are clean.” Make of that what you will, but it may be that Scottie dogs are great swimmers and so fall under ‘sea dogs’ category. No further problem, whew thank goodness for that!

    • Margaux

      Here’s a few more gems from the Ayatollah you may enjoy:

      • Cowgirl

        Good Lord that’s a lot to remember. How do they get anything done?

      • sararebecca

        Thanks for that! If people knew the ridiculous edicts & advice put out by Muslim leaders they wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Some are so outrageous we would probably not be able to publish them here.People do need to realize that these twerps are serious about what they wish to impose on the rest of the world.

        • wooted

          This one kind of sums it up for me:
          “2,631. It is loathsome to eat the meat of a horse, a mule, or a donkey if someone has had coitus with the animal”

          If that’s the sort of stuff they get up to, no wonder they need some odd rules.

      • rustyjohn58

        This one is a doozy.

        2,631. It is loathsome to eat the meat of a horse, a mule, or a donkey if someone has had coitus with the animal.

        So its ok to eat the mule if it has had coitus with another mule but not a person. You would think it might be ok if it was a muslem but not an infidel but no, any person.

  • Kip_Dynamite

    They’re not offended by the wholesale slaughter, destruction and misery that adherents of their religion bring upon huge numbers of people on this planet, and wouldn’t dare speak out about it. No, instead they’re offended by harmless small dogs.

    OK then.

  • conwaycaptain

    My little Schnoodle all 10 kgs of her is INCENSED that her Scottish relatives are being treated in this way.
    She is wanting to organise a protest march down Queen Street on Saturday but as she cannot drive Dad says it is too far from Putaruru!!!!

    • SVlover

      Pity. My Swedish Vallhund would have been there. His girlfriend down at the Park is a Scottie.

      • conwaycaptain

        Big difference in size!!!!

        • SVlover

          No – about the same size.

  • snoop

    Wee doggie “Jock” refused to lead out the Malaysian Team …
    Wonder what he smelt or heard that upset him ???

    • sheppy

      Hypocrisy perhaps?

  • Toasty

    If only it was the Pan Islamic Malaysian Party(PIMP) that complained instead of the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (PMIP).

    • SteveWrathall

      Yes, Islamists in that part of the world have an unfortunate way with acronyms. The Islamists that have fought the Philippines govt for decades are the Moro Islamic Liberation Front

    • Michael_l_c

      I thought they were named the Pan Islamic Malaysian Party(PIMP)!

      • andrew carrot

        Is that the Pan Islamic Malaysian Party of Judea or the Judean Peoples’ Front of Pan Islamic Malaysia?

  • thor42

    This is typical Muslim stuff – whining and throwing their weight around in Western countries. What is even worse is that the left-wing *loves* Islam and is helping Muslims subvert and undermine Western culture from the UK through Europe and beyond.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    What’s more, they have the cheek to serve bacon in the games cafeteria! How dare the Scots be so insensitive!

  • George Carter

    I find much of the Muslim doctrine offensive but I tend to look at this from an “each to their own” philosophy and then get on with my life. Maybe Muslim’s should approach things the same way…oh hang on!

  • Jeremy

    Sensitive wee sausages these Malays are (halal lamb of course). But should they not be more appalled at the downing of their national flag aircraft instead? But of course, silly me, people are dispensable (or disposable) but religious principles nah….

    • NotMe

      Give then the fine treats of whiskey and blood sausage, more things that true Scotsman hold dear. They’ll stop worrying about the wee dog.

      • Jeremy

        And Haggis, my favourite, especially fried!

        • andrew carrot

          With plum sauce…ohhhhhh yeeeeah

  • thor42

    “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”
    If Muslims set foot in Western countries, they *must* abide by *our* laws.
    The usual acronym used is “FIFO”. Fit in or go away (in polite terms…….).

    • Kip_Dynamite

      But therein lies the problem. Your statement is the antithesis of core islamic belief. The world must submit to islam, or die. That’s an immutable cornerstone of their religion, so to muslims it’s us that must fit in (or die) and that will never change.

      • thor42

        Yep, you’re correct.
        Well, for what it’s worth, my little neck of the woods is *one* part of the world that will *not* submit to this cult.

  • NotMe

    On behalf of Scotland I apologise that you are so sensitive that you would tear down our national pet because it might offend you.

    You expect us to take our views in to consideration, but show no consideration that the Scottish Terrier is an animal that all Scotsman love. By requesting an apology you insult us and our culture.

    Of course, we’re thick skinned enough to not really care what you think. We held the games, we’ll have our little dogs!!!

    • thor42

      Good on you!
      Yep, if there is one group of people who I’d expect to give this Muslim the scorn, contempt and derision that he deserves, it’d be the Scots.

    • conwaycaptain


      I wouldn’t be without my little dog. I felt for that wee lad in Whangarei whose little dog Bear went missing. His Mum gave it to him before she died.

      I got my little one 12 days before my wife died of cancer and she spoke Fr and Jp. She named my dog Inuchan which means Little Miss Dog in Japanese!!!!

      • NotMe

        That’s beautiful conwaycaptain, and I love the name :) That just shows how much these animals mean to us, and how such objections from other nations show how little respect they have for our culture while demanding we respect theirs.

        • conwaycaptain

          Please give my dog the respect she is due. She is Her Imperial Highness Princess Inuchan of Putaruru in the Province of the South Waikato. She rules the house with an IRON PAW in a VELVET GLOVE!!! Inu is Japanese for dog and Chan is the diminutve of San. All children and animals are Chan. I had a horse 16 hands called Mr Bear when I got him but for shows I called him Kuma Chan. My Japanese nickname is Kuma San!!!!

  • thor42

    A few good links for folks to find out the basics of Islam –

    ( The above link dispels the myth that the jihadists are a “fringe” or “extreme” element of Islam )

  • johcar

    The best response to this outraged idiot would be “Get [email protected]#%ed!”

    • Michael_l_c

      If what you intended, & I am sure it is not, is what I am thinking think of the poor woman who has undergone female genital mutilation.

  • Michael_l_c

    When in Rome do as the Romans do.

    Have you ever been offended by what a muslim has done like, oooh, I don’t know, female genital mutilation.

    Thankfully they are making a joke of themselves lets all laugh at the bullies.

    • Albert Root

      Maybe genuine offence could have been taken if Jock had dropped one which caused the Malaysian flag-bearer to slip up on and land face-first in.

      • Michael_l_c

        Perhaps a scottish ‘shotgun blast’, ooh.

  • conwaycaptain

    These Jihadis are the modern day equivalent of the Janisseries of the Ottomans. They were Christian Boys taken from the villages and trained for many years as the shock troops of the Ottomans. Read about the Great Siege of Malta and what they did.

  • DavidW

    How 2-faced can you get? Not too many years ago, Saudi Arabia (In particular the House of Saud tribe) were the world’s biggest customer of Johnny Walker and yet you could get thrown in jail there if the religious police caught you with a slab of beer in the boot on your way to a barbeque with other expats.
    A bit more trivia, … at about the same time the biggest customer of one of the most famous brands of cognac was Kim Jong il, Great Leader of that haven for the wealthy – North Korea.

    • Michael_l_c

      If you get caught is the key.

      I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.
      Don’t ya love islam or any religion.

  • sararebecca

    Barking mad!

  • You know what I find disrespectful? Religions that are dedicated to wiping out infidels like myself. Religions that HATE Jews, HATE Gays, HATE Christians, do genital mutilation on their women and bring up their children to be suicide bombers.
    Don’t like dogs? Then don’t attend. Next you will be demanding that no Women take part or no Gays take part or no Christians take part because that would be disrespectful to your ‘ culture “

    • Michael_l_c

      Woof, woof.

    • Flattanker

      Wow, that’s almost as hypocritical as Mr Snowdon hiding in Moscow throwing sticks at the US whilst being protected by Mr Putin.

  • steve and monique

    Society needs to stand up to these war mongering trouble makers. How about an apology for all the death and destruction you have cast upon us in the name of your nuthead religion? Oh and where is the aeroplane by the way? Maybe the rest of the world could ban the lot of you from competing at world events, ban entry into any other country and last and by no means least, banning you from immigrating. Let everyone else live in the peace they deserve and keep your misery in your own country.,.

    • thor42


  • John Q Public

    Those Daily Telegraph commenters don’t hold back do they.

    • Paulus

      Comapare and contrast the content and the standard of journalism of the Telegraph to the horrible horrid . . .

  • Cowgirl

    If you derive no joy from dogs, then I feel sorry for you.

    • Night Stick

      It was because Mohamed wasn’t into dogs, else they would be OK with them. Mind you he was into other things.

      • Sponge

        Silence! I keel you!

  • Hardie Martin

    I wonder what Tarns has to say about this latest Malay outrage?

  • unitedtribes

    If you look at the mangy inbred apologies for dogs that troop around Malaysia its no wonder the want jihad on dogs

    • phronesis

      Not sure I have ever seen a healthy animal of any sort in a muslim country. Given how they treat people I don’t think animal welfare is a priority some how.

  • GarethsPussy

    I’m sure a terrier will plop out a few “Korans”, the name we’ve given terrier doo doos for the duration of the games.

    And that won’t be near as offensive as the religion of Islam is to rational people.

    • Kip_Dynamite

      Careful. That kind of talk will get you a fatwah infidel.

  • cough

    I think we’re missing a couple of targets here folks. It’s not just Muslims who have special views on animals – ridiculous idea they’ve held for ages that dogs are unclean! There’s also the Hindus for whom the cow is sacred! I mean, that’s ridiculous right. A cow! And then there’s Westerners who have lost the plot so completely they dress dogs up in clothes! That’s ridic… oh, no, sorry, that’s completely normal.

    • thor42

      The difference with Hindus is that they don’t foist their beliefs and ideas upon *others*. Hindus are *much* more tolerant. Heck, darned near *everyone* is much more tolerant than Muslims.
      Muslims, on the other hand, go to a country like Scotland and then tell all and sundry about how “offended” they are by the dogs there.

  • Eiselmann

    To John Minto as you know Muslims find western attachment to dogs offensive, to aid you in Jihad against the people of New Zealand we have uncovered several organisations that we find offensive and urge you to protest The SPCA , the Guide Dog Foundation , the Beach Rd Primary School Animal show and tell day and worst of all New Zealand Customs with their anti Islamic sniffer dogs.
    PS the money will be at the usual place.

  • redeye

    A clear warning to all virgins. Don’t die in that state. These are the sort of people waiting up there for you.

    • Eiselmann

      lol yeah I’ve often wondered what Virgins did that was so horrible as to warrant the hell that must be theirs being part of the eternal harem of murdering ranting mad man

  • 1951

    Malaysian leaders demanding an apology at this time when two of their aircraft have lost so many lives. Unbelievable.

  • thor42

    Here is an “apology” for that Muslim who was so “offended” –


  • Night Stick

    I have yet to see a laughing and happy Muslim family in public. They are like the old Calvinists in their outlook on life, but many times worse because of the Muslim death wish. Get a life you miserable twits.

    • andrew carrot

      At my uni in the late 80s a small retinue of Malaysian girls (in full burkah) were led around everywhere by a young male ‘minder’. The socratic method was wasted on them because they weren’t allowed to respond in lectures. Seemed pretty sad at the time and a waste of teaching resources. Probably finished their med degrees and travelled straight back into parenthood.

  • conwaycaptain

    They should have had a choice
    1 Be lead in by a Scottie dog
    2 Led in by a man dressed as Johnnie Walker

  • Bubbleguppy

    So what?

  • Night Stick

    I think I have worked out why Muslims don’t like dogs. You know when they bang their heads 5 times day and they bend over, well you know what dogs usually do when your backside is pointing upwards…..

    • johcar

      But I think that’s permitted…

  • Rick H

    How many “so-called” Muslim Countries – are part of the “Commonwealth then?
    Surely, none?

  • Isherman

    So in that case the dog I feel most sorry for would be the Canaan Dog, an Israeli breed, recognised officially in the 50’s, but in use since biblical times. Being a ‘jewish’ dog, it must have a special place in hell.

  • Zeal23
  • thesilentmajority

    I find their religious practices upsetting and therefore I feel it is disrespectful to me that they are even at the Commonwealth Games.

  • Dave_1924

    When in another’s country – respect their culture. You know like Westerners have to do in Saudi or Iran. if you don’t like our way of life or our cultural ways… don’t come and visit. Simple.

  • thepollster7

    The dog had the last laugh when it responded that it had converted to Islam 5 dog years ago.

  • LiberalMuggedByReality

    This guy says it best….