Who’s the Jackass now then?

This is the NZ Herald front page today.


Unfortunately the lead story photograph is NOT a picture of Kiwi soldier Guy Boyland.

It is in fact a photo of deceased Jackass actor Ryan Dunn!


You would think they would know this, after all Ryan Dunn only died a couple of years ago in a fiery car crash. It was major news world wide, but obviously escaped the Facebook surfing idiot at the Herald who pinched the photo of Guy Boyland’s Facebook stream.

This has to rank right up there with Top Ten Worst Newspaper headlines.

That is appalling, how can you do that?

Disrespecting the real person who died, disrespecting Ryan Dunn, and their credibility all at the same time.

I’m looking forward to John Drinnan’s?column. This is certainly one way to?devalue your paywall subscription offering.

Is this worth paying for?

Is ANY news worth paying for?

Who wants yesterdays papers.