Who’s the Jackass now then?

This is the NZ Herald front page today.


Unfortunately the lead story photograph is NOT a picture of Kiwi soldier Guy Boyland.

It is in fact a photo of deceased Jackass actor Ryan Dunn!


You would think they would know this, after all Ryan Dunn only died a couple of years ago in a fiery car crash. It was major news world wide, but obviously escaped the Facebook surfing idiot at the Herald who pinched the photo of Guy Boyland’s Facebook stream.

This has to rank right up there with Top Ten Worst Newspaper headlines.

That is appalling, how can you do that?

Disrespecting the real person who died, disrespecting Ryan Dunn, and their credibility all at the same time.

I’m looking forward to John Drinnan’s column. This is certainly one way to devalue your paywall subscription offering.

Is this worth paying for?

Is ANY news worth paying for?

Who wants yesterdays papers.


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  • OhopeBeachBuoy

    The FAIL is strong in this one.

  • Someone needs to be fired, surely!

  • Bart67

    When searching the photo online on Google Images, it stated that the use of this photo may be subject to copyright. Did the Horrid pay to use the photo prior to publication? Just a little icing on the facepalm cake perhaps?

  • steve and monique

    Something else that really struck me was the fact that if they had put up the correct picture, they still didn’t show enough respect for the man as he was totally drowned by an olympic cyclist and a TV cook. It looks like what it is, an ill researched tabloid rag. Heads really should roll for this, and more than one I suspect. “The Horrid” tags stays.

  • kaykaybee

    You couldn’t make this up could you!

  • Nige.

    What an insult.what a total disgrace. That Ryan dunn was a dropkick like the rest of them. How dare the Harald disgrace someone by putting an image if HIM in their place.

    • Travdog

      He made a A LOT of money doing “dropkick” things. Don’t really see why you have a problem with him? Drop kicks I associate with being on welfare and making no effort to do anything when they are perfectly capable.

      Why are they drop kicks, is that because you don’t like what they do? Or is there some other logical reason?

      • Nige.

        He died from drink driving and speeding. That’s enough reason for me.

        • Travdog

          I bet some of your favorite musicians are guilty of similar dropkick behaviour.

          • Nige.

            Yeah look I don’t hold people in as high a regard as I used to. I grew up and moved on. I was a big fan of jackass until I realised that they were contributing to binge drinking and ill eagle activities and generally doing stupid things which landed them and their fans in hospital. Sure its great entertainment but they aren’t hero’s.

            Same goes for musicians. The ones which have survived those days are all grown up now and want to enjoy their lives rather than waste them.

            I was a dropkick once. I sped and drove drunk. I was a toe rag. I survived and its my job as a human being to try and stop the next generation from making the same mistakes.

          • Mrs_R

            Spoken like a parent :)

          • Nige.

            I didn’t want to bring up the parent thing. Its not as relevant as I used to think.

          • Agent Balzac

            Interesting story about that Pantera cover, it was originally going to be someone getting drilled in the butt but they changed their mind at the last minute and instead used a picture of someone getting drilled in the head with a 19th century butt screw.

          • Nige.

            thanks…. thanks very much ABS. this place is a wealth of information. Have you seen the original cover? i had the opportunity to buy it in the 90s. didnt.

          • Agent Balzac

            Only the version that was on the article on Cracked. One of their crazy “Album Covers you can’t believe they almost used” articles.

          • Travdog

            You remind me of born again Christians and reformed smokers /snigger

          • Nige.

            the meek shalt inherit the earth!

            was it that obvious?

  • Night Stick

    I was sent a Fairfax Media Reading Habits online survey yesterday. The general tone of the questions is that they are very worried about people getting their news online, rather than subscribing to their rags. I answered truthfully that their journalists are crap and very biased. Strange though that WO was never mentioned as a means of news gathering.

    • ratchette

      ‘Worried about getting their news online’ That excuse dose not stack up, it is all about internal politics .. the so called executive putting the blame for their poor performance elsewhere. About protecting their jobs
      I now spend more $$ each week on hard copy news publications with quality content than I did when I subscribed to the herald.
      I read news online. Would I pay to read the herald online ? Don’t be silly.

  • Pete

    The Herald is a disgrace, I am so glad, so so glad my subscription to this worthless piece of crap expired many months ago. The owners need to look long and hard at the garbage they own!

  • LesleyNZ

    Something isn’t right with the NZ Herald. The top 5 “Most Read” stories have stayed the same for a few days now. Top 5 featured are definitely yesterday’s news stories.

    • ratchette

      Saturday front page about hospital food possibly causing death should have been on page three. In my opinion the front page story should have been about the school teacher abusing pupils.
      The story about Bob Harvey is a Canvas magazine story.
      At times Real Estate is a daily subject as a space filler and no doubt support for the Real Estate industry that spends up large on advertising.

      As you say ‘Something isn’t right with the NZ Herald’

    • kaykaybee

      Yes, I noticed that myself. It’s patent nonsense that the same stories can be “popular” for several days!

  • ratchette

    The Herald should print a full front page apology. I’m so pleased I don’t pay for this piece of daily gross incompetence.

    Another good reason to cancel herald subscription and read the herald for free at the coffee shop.

  • Damien Cavendish

    That cooking theatre with Ray McVinnie looks interesting; I like him on Masterchef.

  • Tom

    What an absolute disgrace. Imagine how the family must feel

  • Quinton Hogg

    As it happens we receive a subscription notice from the Herald over the weekend.
    I can’t see us renewing it.

    • GazzW

      My office is based in an eleven storey tower in Penrose and at least once a fortnight we have a bundle of about fifty Heralds dropped by the front doors of the building gratis. I wonder how many thousands are delivered free just to keep up their circulation figures?

  • Richard

    I’m currently on my second one month trial from The Herald in two years.
    Can’t wait till they phone to ask if I’ll be taking up a subscription.

  • kayaker

    Aside from the awful faux pas The Herald has made, I did a groan at the “Wheel Proud” headline.

  • James M

    I thought that was Ryan Dunn when I saw the rag sitting in the office kitchen.

  • Bobb

    Bloody Hell!! What an appalling cock-up!

  • rrwc

    Bloody disgusting on the part of the NZH. I note they now have the correct picture onlin, but the scumbags haven’t even got the decency to apologise for their totally disrespectful print edition.

    Just a few weeks ago, the Herald’s sister publication, the Hawkes Bay Today, printed a photo of the young fulla who accidentally killed himself with a nail gun. The photo was stolen from Facebook, despite the family specifically asking them not to and also specifically telling the paper that no images would be supplied and could their privacy be respected by not printing an image.

  • Damien Cavendish

    You just KNOW the person responsible was a 21 year old, female (naturally), probably called Kylie, or Charlene or Vanessa, with an appalling accent, and who will be giggling about it “tee hee silly me” and the editor will think how much like his own daughter she is and he likes how she licks her lips suggestively at him….and will not only let her off, but promote her.

    • Mav E Rick

      well said!

    • Rem

      funny because it is true

  • I am not surprised. In their coverage of the war in Gaza again and again they use photos with no relevance to the article at all. The latest one I noticed, reported Hamas breaking the cease fire and firing rockets into Israel who of course had kept their word and respected the cease fire. So what photo do they use? Is it of the damage and deaths in Israel from the rocket fire? Oh no, it is a photo of Pro Hamas protestors in France getting tear gased! Honestly I have been tearing my hair out. They get away with this kind of rubbish because they have no competition. The day is coming when their bias will be countered by another point of view. Tick tock

    • Geoff Vader

      They do have competition – but they don’t accept it. Newspapers carry on with the poisoned arrogance of the 20th century.

      I’ve no clue how many newspapers from the last century would look if social media existed. Some of the stories (well… many) were knowingly false.

    • Blokeinauckland

      Tick, tock indeed.

    • Albert Lane

      But you should hear the pro-Hamas bias by Radio Live talkback host Sean Plunket (sp?). Whenever anybody phones in to contradict his opinions, he simply rubbishes them. In today’s UK Telegraph newspaper on-line there is an article about Hamas doing a deal with North Korea via Iran to replace the missiles they have used against Israel with new and more sophisticated models. The article also reports that the tunnels in Gaza have been built with North Korean help, as they are the best in the world at creating tunnels under the DMZ. I am still waiting for NZ TV stations to show Hamas weapons, but they never do. Hamas uses these naive journalists to scream about all the civilians being killed, but how do you tell who is a civilian, as their troops don’t wear uniforms. And the close-ups of protestors in London displaying posters with swastikas are deeply affronting to the families of those whose members gave their lives in WW2 to defend Britain from the Nazis. What a strange, sad world this is.

  • Geoff Vader

    In keeping with the headline photo they’ll fire the wrong person.

  • Lance

    I want to know if the new photos in the online edition have been obtained legally. This is disgusting, it is stealing from dead people. The Herald have been caught red handed in the most appalling way possible. I doubt the new photos were obtained with permission.

    • Richard

      I understand that it’s up to the owner of the Facebook page to manage their security settings in order to keep images private or not.

  • Lance

    I’m sending this article to Petapixel, a photography news website with a looooot of readership, that often deals with these sorts of stories..

  • Morse

    I have removed all bookmarks, apps, etc from my computing devices for NZ Heretic.
    Rot in hell

  • Lance

    According to the use, placement and circulation, NZ Herald owes Getty Images $391 for the use of the Ryan Dunn image. That’s if they had obtained and used the image legally. I wonder how Getty would feel about it… http://www.gettyimages.co.nz/detail/news-photo/bam-margera-ryan-dunn-and-loomis-fall-arrive-at-the-gumball-news-photo/117082038

  • Jax

    Clearly they just ripped off his facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/guy.boyland/media_set?set=a.1571612456068.77164.1408209693&type=3 – if you go to his profile he posted this picture a while back, id imagine because he thought it looked like him which it does – the comments are all in jewish so that didnt tip them off. Silly as there are some more genuine looking ones on the same page. Probably picked this one as it was the most high res – amatuer stuff really.

  • Teko Flaps

    What A grade morons !

  • Dave

    and their monumental stuff up, is headlines in Aussie, from News.com.au comes the headline ….
    NZ Herald makes Jackass mistake.

  • Stevo

    I blame the Jews. The IDF indirectly and very much responsible for disrespecting the death of a beloved film star. This all would not have happened if the Zionists had not ‘invaded’ the ‘state’ of ‘Palestine’.


    Johny Munto

  • I have no affinity for Ryan Dunn, but I am angered that the apology in the online NZ Herald article does not extend to Ryan Dunn’s family.

  • Mark

    Interesting that today Herald updated it’s app for “bug fixes”

  • Lux

    A statement from New Zealand Herald editor Shayne Currie regarding the incorrect use of two images

    • Pharmachick

      Too little, too late.

      Also, for a “professional” news organisation… too un-researched, too sophomoric, too fast, too capitalising-on-tragedy, too useless to do proper journalism …. ugh – I could go on.

  • Pharmachick

    I am utterly appalled. Really, seriously appalled. The Editor needs to be fired. They raided a FACEBOOK PAGE for a picture (and the wrong one at that). /bangs head against desk. repeatedly.

  • hookerphil

    From the apology – “we must make sure that this does not happen again.” Wish I had a dollar for every time this is trotted out.

  • UnhealthyDistrust

    Was this in fact an error, or an intentional ‘social commentary’ implying that anyone who supports Israel is a jackass? (Wouldn’t put it past this level of journalism)

  • [Redacted]

    NZ herald literally just rang regarding our free subscription. I ignored her first question and supplied a question of my own. “Are you aware of todays front page photo featuring ryan dunn?” She denied any knowledge, then preceded too try sell me a subscription. I told her I didn’t even want the free subscription, it clutters up the kitchen, and we have no fireplace to use it.

  • Dog Breath

    They are so quick to criticize others who make mistakes using words like incompetent and using mocking language to emphasis their point. Maybe that should be tomorrow’s lead story mocking themselves.

  • Lance