8GB of stolen data turns to 2GB. Question: How does Daphne Lawless know this?

Meet Daphne Lawless, an aptly named hard left political activist who likes to blog like the big kids.


She published an article on the Marxist Fightback blog (Struggle! Socialism! Fightback!), a post titled?The Whale Oil leaks: Anti-politics from?above.

In it, she writes: ?


The 8 and the 2 keys are not next to each other on a keyboard, so I assume that was exactly what she meant to type.

How does Daphne Lawless know the 8GB stick only contained 2GB data?




Lawless became co-editor of Socialist Worker Monthly Review in 2004 with Christchurch based activist, David Colyer.?She has been co-editor, with Grant Morgan, of Unity, the Socialist Worker?s ?Marxist journal for all grassroots activists? since its launch in 2005.?In July 2005 Lawless joined the?Steering Committee?of the Socialist Worker/Matt McCarten inspired, Workers Charter Movement. She co-chaired the founding conference with former Maoist activist,?Luke Coxon. ?– T Loudon.

– Hacked from Fightback and New Zeal