Apparently, shock, horror, politics is dirty

So Nicky Hagar is shocked that politics is dirty.

Yeah about as dirty as writing a book using stolen emails when you are a person who constantly rails against spying by the state.

Now we know what a sanctimonious hypocrite Nicky Hager really is.

Apparently it is also a revelation I talk with National politicans. Well duh Nicky!

What I want to know though is why he hasn’t published any of the emails from the numerous Green and Labour MPs I communicate with…or the back room operators of both parties?

This is the third book Nicky Hager has been involved with that involves stolen/hacked emails.

What he hasn’t realise though now is that he has created a free for all environment against all journalists where their emails are fair game. Let’s call it the “Hager Precedent”.

What is ironic is that the very people who have been marching in the streets protesting and speaking at public meetings against the GCSB bill and government are now either directly involved or justifying the spying on a member of the media.  

Remember the outrage that Andrea Vance got “spied” on?

Not so in this case. There they all are revelling in it all.

I know of one person mentioned int he book who is seriously contemplating legal action…because it is an outright lie what has been written. That is just one of many.

The allegations that the SIS were interacting with me is a lie too. Nicky Hager has told at least two lies and without a copy of the book I will have to wait for my return to analyse it completely.

Given the stance of the Privacy Commission with me right now it will be interesting to see what they have to say about this massive breach of privacy by a weasel who makes a living off of stolen emails and hacked data.

It could well be argued that the book proceeds are proceeds of crime.

In any case all the book has proved is that I am well connected across the political spectrum, but that Nicky Hager has only chosen to publish those emails which suited his narrative.

I’ll make a couple of final points.

When will Nicky Hager declare the involvement of Kim Dotcom in this book, and with the hacking? Hager spent a considerable amount of time at the mansion and I have three eyewitnesses to this. Ironically the same eyewitnesses who told me about Clare Curran’s, Winston Peters and Russel Norman’s visits to the mansion.

Lastly, even though I have many emails that I could publish that show another side I will not. I do not discuss my sources with anyone. Though I imagine that there are many journalists and MPs and political operatives across the political spectrum who will be feeling nervous that Nicky Hager knows I talk to them.


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  • Dave

    Great post, one thought springs to mind. “I do not discuss my sources with anyone”

    The sewerage systems of Auckland and NZ thank you, there will be a lot of journalists and others that can stop sweating, remove themselves from the loo and return to normal life.

  • Nadir Hasan

    Ah well, truth is always painful!

  • roxo

    Just heard that Hagars next project is to Out Martin Bradbury as . . .a lefty! The book that will shake the world! And then he will tell us the Pope is Catholic!
    Some mighty fine journalism there Lou!
    However as this is another book that has been written as the result of stolen e-mails is this man above the law? Is the law about receiving stolen goods applicable to e-mails?
    Cameron – I would take this as an almighty compliment that the left sees you as so dangerous! For me – just love your work!

    • James

      He is also planning on moving away from politics into an expose on animal behaviour, focusing on where bears like to defaecate. Following this will be a celebrity book that will confirm that painful truth that Dolly Parton sleeps on her back.

      • The Whinging Pom

        …and that the pope attends a certain church regularly.

  • john Doe

    Wow. Cameron Slater is interacting with the SIS.
    Go you good thing…..

  • Salacious Crumb

    Haha, another fly that has been swallowed up by the maelstrom of poo that is Dotcom.

  • redherring

    “What I want to know though is why he hasn’t published any of the emails from the numerous Green and Labour MPs I communicate with…or the back room operators of both parties?”

    A question that we all know the answer to and includes the four key words “screaming left-wing conspiracy and theorist”.

    Good on you for keeping the integrity of the Source WO relationship in the face of someone else using questionable methods to drive a truck through it – it is the heart of the success of this blog. Hager knows he is a gatekeeper of that information because you won’t burn your sources across the spectrum – will take some more robust questioning from the MSM to even have him acknowledge that another side exists. He tried to hide behind “there is noone else like Slater” on the left of politics (on the Paul Henry show last night) but he is holding back on where the left of politics reaches.

    EDIT: Fixed ambiguity

    • Cowgirl

      What he means is there isn’t anyone with the same degree of influence and popularity of Slater and WO.

  • Sceptical Harry

    Hagar must have broken laws – or more so – his ‘source’.
    It disturbs me that the MSM is so focused on the unsurprising revelations of politics.
    Isn’t the real story one of asking who Hagar’s source is?

    The name on my mind is KDC….

  • Curly1952

    Well written Cam. I think you are right. There will be a lot of ‘puckering” going on about now. Perhaps the odd name from time to time dropped into as conversation from the left wouldn’t hurt would it?r

  • Wine Man

    Sadly another illustration of our Democracy being manipulated by a Criminal German for his own ends. Wonder how much Dotcon is paying Hager?

    Oh how the left would be screaming blue murder if a book attacking Labour, The Standard and Cunliffe was released using emails illegally obtained and potentially driven by an American Millionaire wanting to gain influence for his own purposes.

  • Justsayn

    Plunket just ended his interview with Hagar by joining the dots to link the hacking and provision of the information to Dotcom. Hagar didn’t deny it, he merely said that there was no proof. Plunket point out that it was the same type of “proof” that was in his book and maybe that is why Hagar lectures in journalism instead of doing it.

    Oh, this is getting good.

    • redherring

      Perhaps Hagar is after the DotCom extradition-prevention bounty

    • It has just occured to me that no journalist on either side will be happy with what Hagar has done. Every single one of them will be thinking, my God what if it was MY e-mails that had been hacked and stolen. All MY sources would be revealed and every single thing I said off the record could be held against me.

      • intelligentes candida diva

        Too true. Self serving and malice raise their ugly head then people do wonder …….

        Privacy = derived from Latin “separated from the rest.”

        This man is exactly a “sanctimonious hypocrite”

      • Justsayn

        Or worse – what if their emails have been hacked already…

  • Bretto

    Just heard him with Plunkett.

    I’m sickened that this lowlife has been reading through 8GB of stolen emails, including some very personal stuff.

    Politics may be dirty, but he’s just dragged the left into his cesspit.

  • Rem

    Normal service resumes, I am still voting National this election. Both ticks in fact.

    • Curly1952

      Makes me more determined AND whats more I know of one “swinger” who will now vote National because of antics like this lefty!!i

      • George Carter

        I tend to agree. The rabid lefties (who make the most noise) will only continue to go left but many undecided middle NZ’s will see Hagar for what he is and vote National. Winston will gain some ground as his followers believe he will keep government honest (oh the irony!) but the left will suffer greatly from this. No non-political person wants radicals in power and this book will just hurt the left by association.

  • Francis Heke

    John Armstrong apparently follows the opinion that you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent.

    • Flattanker

      Well that was Andrew Little position on issues wasn’t it?

  • OhopeBeachBuoy

    New book! Dirty Politics: The real story.

    By Cameron Slater.


  • LesleyNZ

    Hmmmm – thought so. What Kim Dotcom (Dotler for short) does not understand about most New Zealanders is that we are a “do-it-yourself No.8 wire” lot. We are clever and we can think for ourselves. The Dotler Way is not our way. Nicky Hagar is another name to add to the Dotler Fool List.

    Is Nicky Hagar’s book the big bomb that Dotler said he was going to drop just before the election?

    • Flattanker

      Funnily enough you average kiwi also knows that the Germans didn’t make the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty either. I suspect Hager has been used by Dotler just like everyone else.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Hagar claimed this morning that the hacker was not related to any political party. Uh huh.

    • sheppy

      He probably wasn’t related to any particular party when the emails were leaked – writing a book takes a little time,

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        Party party was announced last December, Hagar claims he received the documents early this year?

        • sheppy

          But the party wasn’t officially formed and registered?
          According to Wikipedia so not necessarily correct – Founded 27 March 2014

    • LesleyNZ

      Probably the actual “hacker” was employed by “someone”. The actual “hacker” most likely lives off-shore so yes you could say the “hacker” was not related to any political party. Not so the person who employed the hacker. I hope the “someone” has paid the “hacker” for the work done.

  • Scott

    Loved the interview with Mike Hosking this morning. Brilliant!

  • SAM51

    What must be abundantly clear by now is that the GCSB and the SIS musn’t be spying on Hager or his mates – if they had the PM would have actually known what was in the book!!

  • Aaron

    Hager claimed there were no emails to anyone to the Left a part from 4 emails that were really nothing

    • Not Clinically Insane

      Which is bulldust if he has Cam’s….. He’s being selective and disingenuous at best

  • Eiselmann

    I feel like I’m on the wrong side of politics, to discover to my horror that politics is dirty , I’ve had to ask where all that dirt comes from.
    We can discount the tolerant ,caring, sharing left like John Minto Hone Harawira and Darien Fenton.
    We can forget those honest , play the ball not the man , straight down the middle types like John Campbell Trevor Mallard or Martyn Bradbury.
    We can discount those true examples of consistency , who take a stand and nothing will shake their position like David Cunliffe
    We can ignore those who are completely upfront and honest like Russel Normal, Kim DotCom and Nicky Hager and Len Brown and Helen Kelly
    That leaves me asking ,am I really a supporter of a nasty evil right wing conspiracy to make people responsible for their own lives …./

  • Not Clinically Insane

    Hagar is a pond-dweller…..

  • BloodyOrphan

    My money is on LPrent for the email hacking.

    • Jimmie

      Him? He seems to have trouble keeping the strandard website running let alone having the nouse to hack WO’s emails

      • BloodyOrphan

        standard tactics, playing stupid, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he had help or stole the code to do it.
        But his ego, and the amount of people involved says to me it’s more likely a LPRent than a KDC.

  • pirate vs ninja

    If Hager really didn’t have the emails from the left, who does? Isn’t this the real story? Is it possible Hager is being played by his ‘source’ and just given selected emails? Presumably that source now knows who leaks from both sides of the floor. What are they going to do with that information?

  • ElZorrodePlata

    I haven’t read Hagars book. I simply will not part with hard earned dollars that will line his pockets. (or DotCon’s either for that matter). I wonder what would happen if there were anti Hagar protests and book cover burnings going on? I would say that the Human Rights Commision would be up in arms. Where are they when Jewish flags are burnt, hoarding are defaced, cartoons comparing John Key to Hitler are published. The Human Rights Commissioner should resign in shame, along with all department heads.

    We should all stand firm and not buy that book.

    EDIT: Clarity.

  • The Chippy

    Forget the Bledisloe test this IS the only game in town. Its late in the first half and things are getting grubby. Lets go Cam and TEAM WHALE OIL.
    PS Damm you guys I’m getting bugger all work done. The glory of the information age

  • I was talking about this with IT-geek husband this morning. He wants to know which end they were hacked at. Because he reckons the easier end would be the parliament end.
    He was very surprised when I told him that (I think I read it here?) The new green candidate for Nelson works in IT at parliament????? (I’m on my tablet rather than a computer, so searching facilities are incredibly limited, can someone confirm for me?)

    • hookerphil

      I believe that is correct.