We all know by now that I had my emails hacked in February.

We also know that David Farrar has had his intellectual property stolen, and that Mark Mitchell had his personal emails hacked and his office broken into.

What I can also now reveal is that Tony Lentino, the businessman who formerly financially ?supported Kim Dotcom also had his office broken into.

On top of that Travis who works for the blog was also hacked along with?another media person who has been a vocal critic of Kim Dotcom.

Until now we haven’t had the proof, only a bunch of dots to join but we now have the complete picture.

Nicky Hager this morning admitted on Q+A that he didn’t have the full emails, that they were filtered as we suspected. Nicky Hager has become the latest victim of the puppet master.

Do I feel sympathy for him? Not one bit. He let his politics blinker his analysis and as a result it has destroyed his journalism.

Earlier today I received a call from Wayne Tempero.

He is Dotcom’s former personal protection manager and he was concerned.

Tempero was contacting me despite the early hour in Israel concerned about something that transpired on 17 June this year.

He had only now worked out what was meant by a text conversation he had with Dotcom on that date.

He had watched this week unfold and couldn’t believe what he had seen. Then he remembered the texts.

Remember just two days ago we released a text message from Kim Dotcom where he implied he was the one responsible. That text was sent to ?Wayne Tempero.


We can now reveal that there was an earlier text conversation in June. Here are screenshots of the text messages.


IMG_4190-1 IMG_4190 IMG_8400

So, Kim Dotcom is seeking a reconciliation with Wayne Tempero and at the same time admitting he has hired the people responsible for my hack and the hacking and robbery of other people associated with the opposition to Kim Dotcom.

New Zealand’s dirty politics is not what Nicky Hager had revealed, the dirty politics is that of Kim Dotcom.

Kim Dotcom is perverting our democracy, the revelation by Nicky Hager are nothing compared with the criminal conspiracy of Kim Dotcom to subvert our elections.

As my posts revealing details about Kim Dotcom’s formerly secret dealings built up the pressure he reached out to Wayne Tempero in June.

During this conversation he admits to spending months using hired thugs to hack and collect data.

There can be no doubt now that Kim Dotcom has wreaked unholy hell on the political landscape and at the same time drawn in every political party on the opposition side into his sphere of influence.

All the visits to the mansion by Clare Curran, Russel Norman, Winston Peters, Laila Harre, Martyn Bradbury, Alistair Thompson, Nicky Hager. They are all part of a mega-conspiracy to wreck an election, all for the benefit of Kim Dotcom.

There is now no mistaking as to why when I approached some unionists?about Dotcom slave wages payments for his domestic and security that he ignored it along with the Unite union. I was trying to help vulnerable workers and little did I know that the parties of the left had no interest in them, rather they were more interested in the wads of cash flowing from Dotcom’s pockets.

Laila Harre and Martyn Bradbury knew about this in advance, it doesn’t take much of a leap to assume Matt McCaretn also knew, since he is a close friends with Dotcom. We can assume that Labour deliberately chose “Vote Positive” as their election slogan in full knowledge that Hager manufactured Dotcom fed book would confirm everything for them.

David Cunliffe has played this hard. What does he know?

When I was hacked in February I suspected but didn’t know who had done it. I decided to remain silent about it to see what would pop up. When the stroy broke I resolved to speak little, and being away travelling to Israel helped in that regard.

Once details of the books were revealed I grew more confident in??who had organised it, and then when reports of other hacks came in the dots were joined. The final piece of the puzzle came with the call from Wayne Tempero and the screenshots of his text conversations with Kim Dotcom.

Dotcom’s extreme narcissism would be his downfall. The big man is so boastful there was no way that he could keep his gob shut, and so it has been proven.

There is no doubt now that if a man could chuck around millions buying politicians and creating “political parties” then?money would be no obstacle to obtaining through illegal means the information he needed.

In the Herald on Sunday this morning he gave another clue that he was behind this. He needed the book out first so that he could then legally request the data he had already arranged to be stolen. This was his plan all along and the left wing to a man has fallen for it. They are as complicit as he is by assisting him politically.

Nicky Hager claimed that Kim Dotcom wasn’t involved. He either didn’t know or he lied.

The real dirty politics of New Zealand is revealed and it is nasty.


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