Is Colin Craig dreamin’ or just an Idiot

Colin Craig makes a claim:

“We have polled the electorate, and ACT has no chance of winning. By standing Christine, we give the people of Epsom the chance to elect a centre-right government with Conservative values.”

The gambling public should put a few quid on ACT winning Epsom now Colin Craig has said that their polling reckons ACT can’t win.

Those who remember back to 2011 will recall the following.

Colin Craig said he was going to win in Rodney based on?dodgy polls from Research First .

I blogged about it at the time and Research First?s CEO?took issue with my accusations ?of their dodgy methodologies.

?I am happy to talk to you about the many steps taken in that particular piece of research to ensure robust results were achieved (and I welcome, in general, your critique of ?dodgy? and unscientific polls). In this case, however, your?ad homenim?dismissal of Research First?s work is misplaced and I would appreciate you publishing a retraction.

I stand by my statements, Research First does dodgy polls.

Here is why. ?

Rodney Electorate
Colin Craig ? 7569
Mark Mitchell ? 18580

Majority ? 11,011

Dodgy is as dodgy does. Research First and Colin Craig are dodgy.


Now my sources tell me that Research First and Roger Larkins have had a falling out. He left sometime ago,

My sources also tell me thought hat Roger Larkins, who was a candidate as well at teh last election, is still working for the Conservatives.

There is a fair chance that he is still providing doidgy polling to Colin Craig,

This is Craig’s MO….he makes stuff up about polls, almost never?produces the evidence and when he does you can see they are more akin to push polls than anything else.

Colin Craig has literally spent millions on campaigning and polling and perfecting the art of coming third or worse.

he should just fund a party and stop trying to be a politician because quite simply he fails any reasonable “no dickheads” rule.