How to complain to the Privacy Commissioner

Nicky Hager’s associates hacked my emails. He decided that it was his right to publish my emails.

He claims this is an honourable journalistic enterprise.

He is wrong.

He has written a book, he is making money from that book and has stated he wanted to attack me and the National party.

A book is not a journalistic enterprise, David Fisher has already paved the way in this respect with his High Court loss. Nicky Hager should have remembered that along with his lefty lawyer Steven Price. That case has not be appealed and stands as an important precedent.

Secondly in writing a book for money, and stating the reasons he wrote the book, he has established that there is malice involved. Any pretence of attempting to use journalists privileged has fallen by the wayside.

Worse still, since we are talking about journalists ethics, is that Nicky Hager failed to contact a single person he has written about in his book. Not one. He wrote the book and he published personal and private email conversations without so much as asking permission from other parties, or indeed the owner of the emails. Even I had the courtesy of speaking to [removed pending court decision] and offering him a right of reply, I even posted his right of reply unaltered, I recorded those conversations as well so they cannot be denied. I even rang Len Brown before we published.

Nicky Hager didn’t do any of those things.

Here is the thing though…he is threatening to dump more emails. You have to wonder why? Surely he put the best ones in the rather thin 140 page book?

Nicky Hager has brought News of the World style hacking to New Zealand, rather ironic don’t you think?

Hacking emails, breaching people’s privacy all for profit.

And he dares to claim it is the National party involved in dirty politics. ??

However because of that threat there is real clear and present danger that anyone who has emailed me might wind up in his email dump. Plenty of people have indeed emailed me, across the political spectrum. There are senior Labour MPs, Labour back room operatives, Labour funders, Green party MPs, NZ First insiders and many business people. And those are just the ones who are involved in politics.

I have written many posts about depression and my religious beliefs. Those posts usually result in highly personal emails from sufferers of depression or people left behind after suicide…Nicky Hager has those emails too.

With his threat to release more emails…and the obvious breach of many more people’s privacy in addition to those he has already breached, I believe it is now time for anyone who has ever emailed me to lay a complain with the Privacy Commissioner.

You need to do this because Nicky Hager is threatening to release even more emails, and he knows what he is doing is illegal because he has hidden the files, scared of a police raid.

The only reason I have not yet complained to the Police is because you are required to do so in person, which makes it pretty hard to do when you are offshore. Rest assured I will be doing that the day I arrive back.

Meanwhile you can complain to the Privacy Commission and they have a form you can download, and a handy set of guidelines to follow.

People like Nicky Hager, who has protested against invasions of privacy by the state need to be held to account when they invade other people’s privacy. If you are one to campaign for privacy then it really is important that you follow up on what you preach.

I know that many people in the book have either laid a complaint or are in the process of laying a complaint.

Hold Nicky Hager to account…it is your privacy as much as mine that has been breached by this crime and Hager’s book.

New Zealand has its very own News of the World scandal and it is Nicky Hager who is the frontman and shill for a criminal conspiracy to hack and breach people’s privacy for profit.