Dirty is as Dirty does

Nicky Hager reckons I play politics dirty.

He is right, I do….So what?

But he is in reality a sanctimonious hypocrite.

Twice now he has written books from stolen and/or hacked books about New Zealand politics.

Funny how they are always National party aligned people who have their emails hacked or stolen by accomplices of Nicky Hager.

Who is the one playing dirty politics?

The left of course rejoices, but never once stops to winder why it is that nothing like this surfaces in return.

They wrongly assume that they are squeaky clean. They are not. It is just that no one on the right is prepared to actually commit crimes to play their dirty politics.

And is it really that dirty? Tony Falkenstein doesn’t seem to think so, despite me challenging his shilling against “Big Sugar” in order sell his own water.

And the victim of an alleged corporate smear campaign is shrugging off claims that a Food and Grocery Council public relations advisor ordered and paid for online attacks.

Mr Hager’s book claims that Tony Falkenstein, who was involved in a legal case against Coca Cola, was the target of online attacks written by Mr Slater.

Coca Cola is one of the council’s members.

The book claims the attacks were paid for by the council’s public relations agent, Carrick Graham.

The victim of the online smear campaign, Tony Falkenstein, said he was not too worried about the revelations.

“I think that’s part of lobbying, and if I look at it from their point of view, hey if someone’s got a different opinion that could be detrimental to their members, they’re going to use any tactic possible to make sure they get their own opinion across.”

Coca Cola could not be reached for comment, while Mr Slater, Mr Graham and the Council are refusing to comment.

Not refusing to comment, refusing to speak to Radio New Zealand. Tony Falkenstein gets it. After how else do people like Michelle Boag, Mark Unsworth, Matthew Hooton, Deborah Pead and plenty of other public relations people manage to charge the 6 figure sums to their corporate customers. Deborah Pead is particularly effective at getting product placements into magazines, news papers and yes blogs even.

Politics is just another product that needs selling and pushing, it involved agendas and it involves media. Show e a political journalist who is jumping into this boots and all and claiming their shit doesn’t smell and I will show you a liar who has taken stories from politically aligned sources. They all do it, they should stop pretending otherwise.

None of this is particularly dirty…but hacking emails and attacking privacy really is dirty.

A security expert says this clearly at the NBR:

So forget any notion of a DoS attack littering documents?and email all over the show for the curious to fossick over. And start thinking of the blunter scenario of a hacker breaking into Mr Slater’s computer, then delivering the stolen email and?documents to Mr Hager. Whatever you think of Whale Oil (and I’m not a fan), that’s beyond the pale.

Mr Ayers added, “This is not the first time Mr Hager has published a book founded on?stolen personal communications. In my view Mr Hager’s conduct in doing so is at least a ‘dirty’ as the events that are the focus of his book.”

The only one paying dirty politics here is Nicky Hager…the rest of us are playing politics, some of play it hard, others play it like blouses.

But the bottom line is the only ones playing dirty politics are the ones associated with Nicky Hager.


– Hacked from NBR and Radio New Zealand