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Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless

Lawless by name and lawless by nature, Lucy Lawless has given us permission to spy and nark on those linked to the Green and and? Labour party as well as Internet Mana.

She is all for it because apparently it is good for our democracy.


Despite the resentment many may feel over the timing of this book, I suspect that ultimately the Whale Oil saga will turn out to be healthy for our democracy.

Hacking is not to be condoned, but if you have personal and legitimate knowledge of wrongdoing, it’s your duty to shine a light on it. If Labour, Greens, Internet-Mana, etc are similarly disposed, let’s hear about that too. At least we’ll know who we are voting for.

-NZ Herald


Well what do you know Lucy, we here at Whaleoil do have personal and legitimate knowledge of wrongdoing by other parties. In fact Cam passed on some legitimate evidence to the Police just today you will be happy to know.

But hey why does it have to be legitimate? You wrote an entire column based on information that was hacked. If it is good enough for you and the rest of what you call our ‘ free’ Media to use then we can do the same too. After all wrong doing is wrong doing right? The ends justify the means according to you. When the hacker hacked they had no knowledge of any wrong doing according to Hager. It was apparently a revenge attack for the Feral headline. With that in mind, fishing expeditions must be OK too.

How good is your personal internet security Lucy? Got any embarrassing conversations any where? Considering that they stole six whole years of Cam’s life I bet we can find plenty in the last six years of yours. Same with every Green and Labour linked journalist and politician. Yes it is game on, no holds barred… but wait!

Oh that’s right, sorry, we on Whaleoil have these inconvenient things called scruples. We actually respect an individuals rights to internet? privacy even if we don’t like what they say. We don’t steal or hack.

Guess that story I could have told about that time you and that Green Party guy had coffee in Ponsonby will have to be put in the trash on my desk top. Hope for your sake no one hacks it cause you know, the hacking attempts just keep on happening here on Whaleoil.

You see no one respects our privacy or rights.

P.S just joking about having a story about you having coffee. I don’t care who you have coffee with or how involved you are in the Green Party. That is the great thing about a democracy. We are actually allowed to promote those we support and criticise those we don’t.