Haters and Wreckers


Kim Dotcom and Rod Drury have been having a “conversation” about Xero. ? Kim Dotcom said the stock is totally overvalued, and it crashed by 20% since.

You’re so used to me railing against Kim Dotcom, I’m sure you’re no longer listening to me.

What strikes me is that this man just appears untouchable.

The media are scared of him. ?Really, really scared. ? Nobody has the guts to hold him to account.

Had any other political figure had a public fight with one of New Zealand’s leading tech companies which subsequently saw the share price drop by 20%, do you think the New Zealand media would let that pass?

I’ll spare you the vitriol.

But unless enough people stand up and say ‘enough’, this man is going to be wrecking (or was that ‘hacking’?) more than New Zealand politics.

When is this going to stop? ? Are you happy to let this go on?

Anyone who dares to stand up against Kim Dotcom becomes a target.