Leftie NZ media luvvies are sucking lemons

I’ve been watching with a certain amount of bemusement the usual suspects in the media trying to spin the good news as bad news.

Yesterday?we had an announcement on ACC levies being dropped for all motorists. ?Also, 3 cents per litre of excise tax was coming of fuel. ? To top it off, self employed ACC rates are going to drop in a rare nod to those in the economy that rarely benefit from any legislative change.

Good news all round. ?Or is it?

Not according to this lemon sucker:


It would have been something to ignore, if it wasn’t for other examples.

Also yesterday, we had the -normally neutral- NZ Newswire news service serving up some “neutral” news that had been sucked through a lemon. ?

The National Party are actually quote a “green” party in their own right. ?Not that anyone would admit to this. ? In any case, when National do something extremely “green”, you’d expect the usual suspects to be happy.

Were they? ? Nope



The sanctuary on the east coast of the South Island, near Kaikoura, is closer by land than sea to the Maui dolphin habitat. ? To bring Maui dolphins into the story is totally unnecessary, and a deliberate in its overt way of trying to destroy a National Party good news story.

So it was with absolutely no surprise whatsoever that I spotted the next bit of lemon-sucked-news this morning


Professional journalist?Simon Collins, crim hugger, victim enabler and lemon quaffer extraordinaire, takes the best Household Labour Force Survey results in five years, the one that shows that National’s promise to drive unemployment down to 5% by the election is on track, and one that shows that employment increased at the same time…



New Zealand media is biased to the right? ?Doesn’t look like it.

Readers are crying out for a news service that speaks their language and will look at stories the way they see the world.


– Stuff, NZ Herald, NZ Newswire