I love the smell of Napalm in the morning


Well Anna, I’m on record as saying this:

Politics is a dirty, disgusting, despicable game. And it involves dirty, disgusting, despicable people at all levels.

So none of Hagar’s dirty little book is a surprise.  Least at all to real journalist and real politicians.

I’m quite philosophical about it.  In fact, I can come up with a number of ways to tell you how this goes.  Let’s see if any of them help you out:

  • You can’t push poo back in the donkey
  • Do you think what I do is any different to what journalists at the Herald, TV3, etc do?
  • Can you  imagine everyone does this?  Gets tips, information, leaks and nudges?
  • Do they really, really want to open this all up and have a good look?
  • I mean: do you think I should balance things up and publish the emails Hagar left out?
  • I can show you how a journalist won a huge award based in this “dirty” information
  • And we all know nobody on the Labour and Green side of politics talks to journalists, right?
  • Nor do any Labour Party people write on blogs directly, or feed them story, or pay them money?

One of the reasons that most journalists wanted to see Hagar’s book is to see to what degree the process is being exposed in total.

You can’t fill a newspaper by sitting there imagining things.  You talk to all people from all sides of society.

Hagar actually made a mistake by trying to rush this out before the election.  He didn’t have time to truly understand what went on, and has made some huge leaps in his inferences.

Of course, he is very selective at only highlighting my communications with the National Party.

He seems to have avoided the leaks and contacts I have with Labour and others.

Think about that.  


…and then realise this is what journalists do every day.   They may have stolen my emails, and selectively published some and spun a story around it.

Imagine this being done to Andrea Vance’s email?   Or David Fisher?     Or Paddy Gower?

Do you think it would look any less dirty?

Of course not.

Politics is a dirty, disgusting, despicable game. And it involves dirty, disgusting, despicable people at all levels.

And you can stop with the faux outrage – like reading the gossip columns – it is a guilty pleasure.

Nobody comes to Whaleoil to read the tide tables or latest releases by Statistics New Zealand.

You, and others read Whaleoil, papers and watch TV because you want to see the dirt.

Every day.

You’re welcome.


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  • Neill Reid

    Why don’t you have a “like” button for your posts? This one is gold!

    • There is one, next to the Facebook share button :)

      • Dave

        and today above all other days, i think we should all share the facts. Hager is relying on all the publicity the book will create to discredit the right and WO. lets show them just what a little support from the WO crew can achieve.
        Linked in
        Others ???

      • PM of NZ

        It is a fb only like button. Useless to someone like me who does not have a fb (or similarly twitter) account.

        • Ah right – in that case express your liking of the post in a comment? :)

  • Cowgirl

    Yes please dirt and lots of it :) Anyone that this comes as a surprise to, hasn’t been paying attention.

  • kiwibattler

    That’s something I thought about too last night – what about whaleoil emails with Opposition party people? I hope the MSM ask the question of Hager today. He will either have to lie or admit he is hand-picking the information he wants to fit his narrative.

  • George Carter

    Bravo Cam

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Every day, yep, every day. I am addicted to dirt, especially left dirt

    • Scotty

      I don’t care which side the dirt is flung from or where it ends up, I just love it.
      This is getting more exciting than Game of Thrones

      • IKIDUNOT

        Ever considered mud-wrestling?

  • Libertine

    The real pity here is that all parties don’t seem to be behaving in a very grown up manner…. and I’m not referring to the political ones.

  • Muzman349

    Maybe she should be Anna.keelhauled give her a chance to suck in some clean water

  • ozbob68

    News is what someone else doesn’t want you to know. This is a news website.

  • old dad

    Let the sun shine in!!!

  • corporate refugee

    What a class act this Anna Keelwright is, lovely use of language for a lady. Plus she seems to suffer from that common disease that infects the left – “if you don’t think like I do you are wrong and just not as clever as me”.

    • slade52

      … and she’d be wrong on both counts.

  • BJ

    A duly dished up spanking.

  • Mark

    Trouble is Cam I’m not sure you’d want to expose your Labour sources of emails/info as that would mean that source of information drying up in the future. Difficult one.

    • We never expose our sources. NEVER.

      Redacted emails however…

      • Flattanker

        Do share Pete, as that was a bit of a tease???

        • Mark

          Timing is everything. Be patient

        • We’re thinking about it.

      • IKIDUNOT

        Good on ya, but I bet you that some Labour insiders are nervously looking over their shoulders the coming days/weeks.

  • RJ

    One thing is for sure, this book will see a huge spike of visitors to the Whaleoil blog. Don’t think anyone would be rushing off to buy the book. Politics is a dirty game, so what do people expect?

  • STAG

    Make him King!

  • The Whinging Pom

    You just have to remember the outrage from the press gallery when details of Vance’s comings and goings were disclosed during the investigations into the Dunne leak.

    The sanctimony of these people appears to know no bounds, and I think that the more the real dirt is dragged into the open the better society will be for it.

    Political shenanigans is a bit like homosexuality – it’s far more common that most people would care to admit, and has been around since the beginning of time. Now it’s out in the open and largely accepted by society everyone appears to be much better off, wherever they sit on the sexual continuum.

    In New Zealand most politicians, journalists and political commentators are currently living the same sort of lie that gays were forced into in the past. Let’s give them the freedom to out themselves and tell it as it really is.

  • Dixon

    We can get tide tables here? It just gets better and better.

  • Mark

    Occurred to me this is a little like the Israel/Palestine/Hamas conflict. Okay a long bow. But there is a political war going on here and it’s been tit for tat for a while. Nobody knows who started it or when. Has got to the “end justifies the means” stage. Question is does one side go all out and throw the kitchen sink (Israel), or try for a ceasefire in the name of peace. Think the left have thrown a few missiles hoping to cause shockwaves not realising there is the possibility the opposition could unleash a blitzkreig back. Although of course they should have thought of that. Take shelter!

    • Ross

      Nope. Despite the unbalanced reporting we see from the mainstream media over the conflict (what % of airtime is given to victims supposedly killed and wounded by the “Lesser Satan” oh wait, I mean Israel. The right wing in this would not have provided extensive infrastructure including massive greenhouses for Gaza. No if the right was in Israel’s position, the Green Party would not exist. Or Labour. Depends who you want as Hamas really :P

  • Sorry for Being a Man

    “The Labour party is squeaky clean in this regard – to the best of my knowledge” –
    David Cunliffe.

    • Flattanker

      Tui of the day.

    • Curly1952

      Yea right,. But not to worry he will apologise if they are – can’t wait for it!!- the apology that is

  • kehua

    As the emails appear to be `stolen`, regardless of Hagar admitting he stole them or saying he recieved them from a third party, is he not guilty of `living off the proceeds of crime` or `being in posession of stolen property`?

    • JustanObserver

      Sounds very similar to the conundrum that besieges Krim.Con.
      Open & Shut in my mind.

  • JustanObserver

    Most people know that politics is a Dirty Business, most people enjoy hearing & seeing some ‘scraps & bruises’, but I really feel we have emptied the barrel this election campaign.
    The muck coming out, and the ‘feral’ behaviour from ‘sideline spectators’ on all sides, and the inclusion of families into ‘harms way’ is disgusting.
    If this is now our ‘normal’ would we then be shocked by politically motivated assassinations such as in Syria, Russia, Ireland ?
    Or would they also become normalised and justified in the fight for your ideal political landscape ?
    Feed it & give it Oxygen ….
    It will grow, be careful of igniting the fuse.

  • montikaza

    Keep up the good work. I don’t always agree with what you guys write, but a lot of it’s pretty honest and straight to the point. A lot of interesting stuff here that I never see on MSM websites. Really helps to widen my perspective of the world and learn to question everything. Thanks guys.

  • steve and monique

    Is this the same Anna Keelwright whose name is associated with the “Lefter” website?, about left-wing politics and New Zealand. I notice all the hateful spewing seems to be coming from the left side of the camp. As for Nickers claiming this book wasn’t politically motivated, give the general public more credit than that, if that was the case, you would have published BOTH sides and ALL emails etc, not just randomly selected snippets for a puff piece of nonsense.

    • burns_well_eh

      Most likely the same person, but it’s not their real name. This from the website, which appears to have crickets chirping and tumbleweeds blowing through it, without fear of being obstructed by any traffic:

      “And if you don’t like commenting and want to talk to me personally, email my alias: [email protected] (no, it’s not my real name).”

      • slade52

        I can’t imagine that mailbox lasting much longer if 50,000 of Cam’s closest friends were to send “anna” an email or 2.

  • sararebecca

    Hagar’s book is a damp squib. Seriously, what’s changed down the years?
    In the days of Kings and Queens you didn’t get verbal poison you got the real thing, many enemies or opposition were summarily dispatched by the poison cup. Likewise the stab in the back; it literally happened from the guy lurking behind the arras, the quick in, out and gone routine.We are so much more restrained today, it’s verbal attacks, generally made to keep people accountable, but sometimes to try and poison the well.This is what Hagar is doing IMHO, he needs a reality check, to get down off his high horse. If you want to sling mud you better be very careful that you are squeaky clean.

  • Mark

    Yes only takes a bit of googling to find out this isn’t Anna’s real name. Found this gem in her leftist blog writing “Let me be clear, here: nobody ever gets rich from just doing good”

    • bart jackson

      The green eyed monster of envy has turned her into an angry little lefty hasn’t it. Shame people like her don’t put any effort into bettering themselves & thus contributing more to society.

  • Korau

    Time Whaleoil moved their computers to a system employing full disk encryption, and started to offer public key/private key email encryption to their tip line people.

    Information for interested readers.

    If these measures had been in place then much of the data would have been unreachable.

  • Bobb

    It’s really good to have general affirmation from all sides that you are REALLY good at what you do Cameron. Keep up the good work! Bravo!

  • Hamish Patel

    love the very accurate spelling of arse

    • Rem

      Anna uses smell check

  • Fat Sally

    This book could implode on the Lefties, especially if someone bothers to add a bit of balance. I’d imagine there are a few nervous journalists and politicians about.

    I can’t wait until a court asks him to reveal the sources of “the leaks”

  • garryb

    Cam if the lotto comes up on saturday night, you will get a mil from me to put this Hager through through the ringer.

  • 2rotorbro

    Anna, Anna, Anna – tut tut. If C Slater is an a*hole, where did he drop you?

  • timemagazine

    Cameron has never hidden the fact that he is in contact with politicians and some of them are on his speed-dial. Everybody could see this on Seven Sharp a few weeks ago. So to all of you cry-babies on the left, cut the crap and get real.


    I have to agree….I see WO mainly as ‘entertainment’, with the occasional quality topic (hope I don’t offend anyone)

  • RockyFist

    So Cam if these emails were indeed stolen could Hagar be done for receiving stolen goods and on-selling that information for a profit?