How low can the media sink?


It’s not been at all hard to take the high road over the last week and a bit. ? With my media colleagues reveling in my private communications and enjoying what they think is the damage they are doing, they don’t understand it has set a new expectation: ? private media emails are now in play.

I’m not going there unless I’m forced to. ?I think confidences are necessary. ?As is some level of respect and professionalism.

But it does show the media’s self imposed thresholds as to what goes and what doesn’t have significantly changed.

We’re seeing a lot more door stepping, a lot more gotcha journalism, and an erosion of privacy.

I get the irony, as I have myself been rightfully accused of not respecting those boundaries. ? The problem is, some media luminaries were micro-leaking bits and pieces from my hacked private correspondence on Twitter yesterday.

Think about that for a minute. ?This isn’t the hacker. ?This isn’t Whaledump, or a left blog or a political party. ?These are professional journalists that have access to my private emails care of the hackers, and they are deliberately picking little tidbits to reveal in personal Tweets.

This isn’t journalism the way I know it. ?And it isn’t what they were told in ethics class, I’m sure.

But people in the same company were doing this yesterday: ?



Millie Elder-Holmes just lost her soul mate. ?Her best friend. ?The center of her universe.

She has told media she’s not interested ?in talking to them. ?She’s in a deep deep period of grief.

My point here is that everything I stand accused of, such as showing no respect for a situation where there has been a death, invading people’s privacy, and manipulating things to my own end…

The “real” media are out there doing it. ? And they are being hypocrites.

The standard has been lowered. ?It’s clear that the Paddy Gowers, the John Campbells, the David Fishers, the John Drinnans, and (surprisingly to find) the Claire Trevetts of the world are pretending to be better than most, while chucking the baby out with the bath water.

Personally, I don’t mind. ?I’ve always been the pig in the pig/mud/wrestle/you dirty/pig likes it story.

What is amusing I guess, is that we’ve arrived at a point where the media are lowering standards that I’m not happy to breach. ? Who would have thought I’d find myself in that position?