Mediaworks, The Edge staff & competition winners piss off an entire plane of people

Travel at the best of times is frustrating. I have done more than enough of it to choose not to travel unless I absolutely have to.

What with people thinking that traveling with a baby moments after its birth, taking rug rats screaming all the way through airports to sit behind you and kick your seat incessantly, and the interminable waiting, queuing and security checks, travel actually sucks.

It is a brutal necessity to get somewhere nice.

The arm rest stealer…ok I’m one of those, but dare anyone to take it off me. The prick who climbs out of his seat by hauling on your seat back. The weak bladdered sook who sits by the window and has to climb over everyone to get out 5 times on a 3 hour flight…yes travel sucks.

But occasionally you wind up surround by complete cocks.

What’s more they were all be-decked in t-shirts emblazoned with The Edge radio station, wearing id cards of some sort as well. Something about a red card. Some were staff…I know because they were loudly telling everyone they were, where they worked, what they did and what goats their bosses were.

Anyway they were acting like cocks before they got on the plane, running and cavorting down access-ways, one fool, a staff member was even in bare-feet after some other fool broke his jandals…kicking them around the airport like soccer balls.

They were the last to board and I had the misfortune to have 3 of them immediately behind me.


Now it is a 3 hour flight…I can put up with most things for an hour, even two but for 3 hours straight these cocks talked incessantly, boasting about how much they were going to get hammered on their trip, and more importantly how much they had drunk in the bar before getting on the plane.

They were so loud that you couldn’t hear the movie over their talking and silliness.

What was most illuminating for the 50 passengers in hearing range was the details of one Mediaworks staff member and the travails of his gay lifestyle in Wellington, Christchurch, Gisborne and now Auckland. He was quite specific and I’m sure the people with the pre-schoolers sitting across the aisle were mortified. Here’s a handy hint for the Mediaworks staffer sitting behind me…I don’t care nor do I want to hear about your “partner” and your life…I want to watch the movie and get off the plane as quickly as possible as calm as possible.


One interesting discussion, for around 20 minutes was about the best hangover…Mr Gay Mediaworks staffer was most emphatic…the best cure for a hangover is swimming in salt water…apparently it is “AAAAAAAmaaazzing”…I know this because he said it about 50 times.

I’ll tell you what is amazing…that I didn’t stand up at this point and smash these guys in the gob.

After multiple seat climbs, incessant chatter the final straw for me was their raucous cheering and carry on at about 2:45 into the flight.

I finally snapped. After securing a few photos…I stood up and gave it to them. Full Whale noise…with a few words that would get you banned on the blog if you used them in the comments.

And you know what…It was all my fault apparently…I should have spoken up sooner. The real kicker was the guy sitting immediately behind me informing me that he was previously two ticks National and now because I dared to tell them to STFU he wouldn’t. Like I care.


The lady sitting next to me thanked me and the older couple in front of me thanked me also as did a few others as we exited the plane.

And there was the fool in barefeet running through Nadi airport to cap it all off.

I hope they enjoy their holiday, because I suspect they might not like their return to work.

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I learned years ago not to piss people off in airplanes, or do work, or speak of work. You never know who you are going to be sitting next to, or near.

And if that person happens to get really annoyed and they also have a 150,000 page views a day on their website…well things are going to get messy.



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  • conwaycaptain

    At least you will be dealing with civilised people in Fiji.
    Have a good trip

  • I really hope for your sake they aren’t also on your flight home – hungover and miserable.
    The poor cabin crew having to deal with them too. I would not be surprised to find they were offensive towards them as well.

    • Dave

      I don’t think there would be an issue if they were on the same flight and seated near Cam, they would have learnt a very valuable lesson, have very sore backsides from a severe kicking, and should have learnt some humility, and rule no 1 as Cam says in above, last words…… Never Fly with a Blogger!!

  • Odd Ball

    Good on you for speaking out, interesting that they tried to say the onus is on other passengers to object to their behaviour. Are they not capable of self control?

    • Mick Ie

      “they tried to say the onus is on the other passengers to object to their behaviour”. Not taking personal responsibility is definitely a leftist philosphy so when I read his comment ‘about two ticks National, but now he’s not’, I suspect he was just continuing his obnoxious bratty behaviour and had no intention of voting for the right in the first place.

      • Ross

        Even if he was (somehow) a two ticks National, I think that it’s more than made up for with everyone else that thanked Cam (and ones that didn’t).

  • Bartman

    Bunch of jerks by the sound and look of it. Good work giving them an earful, I bet the stewards and stewardesses were pleased with your efforts!

  • Sooty

    Do you think their boss has been in contact already at 10.05.Do you think they have the please explain? In to the boss’s office when they return.

    • thor42

      I’m betting that there won’t be any time given for a “please explain”.
      It’ll be “you’ve made complete gits of yourselves and have disgraced the company. You have 10 minutes to clear your drawers and get out. “

  • Nice to see your selfie was taken with you demonstrating your happy face. I remember that face, usually reserved for a mucked up McDonald’s order.

    • Or when being back stabbed by the lowest of the low.

      • Miguel

        ‘Edge’ tu Brute?

        • Not sure if Brute has planet sized balls or a pea sized brain, but he keeps thinking he’s welcome here. He makes my skin crawl.

  • timemagazine

    I don’t think their bosses are much better. Birds of a feather….

  • jagilby

    Is it any surprise that particular radio station breeds people like this… you only have to listen to “Jay Jay” and Dom once to lose your breakfast in the morning. Such inane blabber.

    • Ginny

      Give me a cd any day. At least you can choose what you want to hear. How does any one listen to this rubbish?

      • GarethsPussy

        Indeed. I’ve never understood music radio. Anyone who genuinely likes music isn’t going to let a radio programmer choose it for them.

        So can only assume people listen for the moronic blabber and like to have their music choices dictated.

        Why? Moronic sheep?

  • conwaycaptain

    My late wife emigrated to Aus from the UK in the 70’s as a 10 pound Pom. Now this was in the days when a flight to Aus from the uk went something like LHR/Rome/Cairo/Delhi/Singapore/Darwin/Aus and took about 2 days.
    She got on the plane with the rest of the 10 quidders and about an hour into the flight the “Are we there yet” in childish Scouse/Brummy/Cockney accents started and the kicking of the seat backs and trips to the loo etc!!!! This was in the days before films on flights etc as well!!!

  • kaykaybee

    Juvenile, unworldly & unaware tossers. Why am I not surprised me they’re Mediaworks hires. Thoroughly up themselves and a result of far too much NZonAir funding and licence subsidy.

  • It does remind me of a story of an incident many years ago on an Air NZ flight to L.A.
    Dad was the head steward and had little time for chumps like what you have shown.

    Well on this particular flight a single chump who was not quite together (booze does that to you at 40,000 ft) decided to get abusive to the crew. Dad came back to see what was going on and politely told the passenger to keep it quiet.

    The passenger took offence to this and decide to let rip enough obscenities to have you banned here for life. He also was also started getting physical and disruptive to everyone else around him.

    Dad never took prisoners like this chump. So he went to the flight deck and informed the Captain. Both the Captain and Dad come back with the handcuffs to our resident airborne chump. The Captain gave a final warning to which the passenger continued being jerk central.

    Oh well down to back of the aircraft he goes kicking and screaming to where he is handcuffed into his seat for the duration of the flight.

    What happened in LAX? Justice serviced ice cold thanks to LAPD and the SWAT teams who were all armed. Our resident chump was dragged literally off the aircraft by the police and swat teams to be “processed” Downtown.

    Moral of the story? Don’t be a chump ESPECIALLY when the aircraft if due to land in LAX. For good measure is was in the Herald as well.

  • Sally

    The best investment I made for air travel – noise cancelling earphones.

    • rantykiwi

      Flying permium economy works quite well too – the most obnoxious of your fellow travelers tend not to be in that class, and if you do get a nuisance (like a drunk bogan or screamy kid) near you it’s not hard to say “I didn’t pay for a premium seat to put up with that crap” which normally gets it sorted pronto.

  • Hall

    Well done Cameron, more people should speak out.

  • Mrs_R

    The second photo down Cam’s face has the the look of, ‘oh, just shoot me now’ lol. Good on you for saying something. At least in the car a person can change the channel if they stumble across the Edge (or turn down the volume), unfortunately when trapped in a tin can with them all you can’t escape. I’m sure you delivered your public service announcement with the gusto fitting of your reputation. I wish I could have seen it :)

  • NotMe

    Haha outstanding, don’t piss off someone on a plane, you never know if they’re Cam Slater. Still, not surprising that those troglodytes didn’t know who you were the minute you came on board, and what this site can do.

  • Timboh

    I wonder what Mark Weldon will think of this?

    • GazzW

      Mark Weldon being the smart operator that he is will probably have a list of the participants already. Abbreviated career paths?

      • Dave

        Well said, karma is a ……….

  • kayaker

    Well played, Cam!

  • LabTested

    a few years back I was on a Japan Airlines Flight from Tokyo to Auckland with 3 very drunk Kiwi lads behind me. Here we go I thought, but the lads discovered that everybody had been given a pair of free socks for the flight. So they decided to make a giant sock chain by tying socks together. They went around begging socks off fellow travelers, (which confused the heck out of the Japanese passengers). By the time the cabin crew shut it down, the sock chain was more than 10 meters long and stretched over at least that many rows of seats.

  • Miguel

    I’m not surprised these tools acted like this. I can’t stand these laddish FM radio channels; a bunch of 20- and 30-somethings acting like teenage nimrods. I thought the attitude was put-on – delivering to the market, as it were – but it seems that it comes naturally…..

    • Frosty78

      I loath those stations as well. They’re a bunch of bullys with the prank calls and the mocking that goes on.

    • thor42

      I’ve heard them called “smelly jockstrap radio”. Very apt, I think.

  • kiwiinamerica

    As for the “I was 2 ticks National until this outburst” I say that was likely fabricated rubbish designed to wind you up. I’ve notched up 40 trans Pacific long hauls and, aside from being too near fractious babies, have luckily only had one incident similar to this. A bunch of early 20’s tennis players from England and Wales got so drunk they essentially drank the plane dry (this was before stricter rules on in-flight intoxication). They gave the lovely Air NZ flight attendants hell with lewd vile abuse when they tried to remonstrate with them. I could sense the mood of the passengers around and saw a couple of burly looking rugby types and I mentioned as I went past them enroute to the the toilet that we ought to do something. We all agreed and about 5 of us kiwi blokes got up and basically said if the Poms didn’t pull their heads in we’d smash em – did the trick although we copped more abuse when they left the plane.

  • Cam, next time take a video. /facepalm /somepeopleshouldnotbeallowednicethings

    • Dave

      I once sat next to a current senior exec of one of NZ’s major fuel companies, (who was a much more junior person then) on a long flight. The things he discussed and said with his mate were astounding, and the notes i took were invaluable just prior to the NZ oil industry de-regulation. Loose lips sink ships, in this case, his loose lips cost his company dearly.

  • Richard

    He cannae take any more captain.

  • Cowgirl

    Love the tags to this story :)

  • Russell Belding

    I am reminded of the KDC/LH thought: we are not here to censor youthful expression but to encourage it. A tick for the left is likely to encourage more anarchy.

  • CoNZervative

    Good on you Cam. Kiwis are generally too passive. I ALWAYS take these morons on (I fly weekly). They also breed on buses, movie theatres and other enclosed spaces. They are always cowards, have no human awareness of others, and NEVER accept any responsibility, because they are all victims and Mummy’s boys.

  • Dave

    it is around this time of the year, Mediaworks take their best clients on their “celebratory” trips, to run conference, and presentations, or just to relax. great events for the privileged, but in years gone past, they have been well behaved. i suspect these guys will be rounded up and grounded well before they get home, I’m thinking on there will be a major butt kicking exercise going on about now somewhere in Fiji. probably include sending a few of them home.

  • Medium Sized Des

    Yes! Good stuff Cam. I wish I’d been there to see the spanking handed out in person.
    Inconsiderate tossers.

  • Did the air crew, warn them that they were disturbing other passengers, it would seem they should’ve been on to it, straight away.

    • Yes, they were being [redacted] right from the get go, the aircrew told them off during the safety briefing.

  • metalnwood

    I remember signing contracts saying that I was not to act as a representative of a company, standard employment stuff just saying you leave this to the PR teams.

    Formally they are not representing the company but wearing your badges/ security ID’s , being obvious who you work for while being stupid and upsetting a flight full of passengers should get them brought in to line.

    • Michael_l_c

      There are employment court cases. Wearing the shirt, ID, the employer can take action, serious action.
      But will they?

  • rouppe

    Complain to the airline. Have their return tickets cancelled. That’ll focus someone’s attention.

    • rantykiwi

      Cam’s probably in a position where the powers that be will read this article and deport them without further ado.

  • Maybe you could have said “Do you know who I am?”

  • JeffDaRef

    It amazes me how “famous” and “important” many media people in this country think they are.
    I could count on one hand the number of shows – and therefore people – who are truly successful, yet most of them have the egos of A-listers.
    Then knobs like this are the losers who don’t actually get to front the shows….famous as bro!!

  • 4077th

    The look says it all!

    • Orange

      Haha, ohhh yeah.

  • Glenz

    I have worked in the radio industry for 25 years. Radio people are like that when they get together…total cockheads. On behalf of the few people in NZ broadcasting who know how to behave appropriately in public places, I apologise.

  • CheesyEarWax

    They work on radio, obviously not used to being seen.

  • David Cunnliffes Mum

    What a bunch of drunken dick heads. Shouldn’t be allowed near sharp objects or alcohol.
    Don’t they realize the entire plane load of fellow passengers would have had a gutsfull of these clown boys.

  • Quinton Hogg

    Given that the media monitor this site as well as Kiwiblog, I would be reasonably confident that these lads will have some face time with HR on their return.
    Most employment contracts have conditions that require conduct that does not bring the employer into disrepute.

    • thor42

      Yep. I’d say a few “pink slips” will be given out soon.

  • Rock Thrustcrotch

    What’s with all the gay slurs though?

    • DJ

      Aw diddums precious.

      Have you even thought for a moment that Cam chose that attitude because this “fella” was so in his face about being gay in the first place.

      I go out of my way to argue with bible bashers if they are all up in my face, but would never say anything nasty about Christians. Same sort of thing.

    • There are no gay slurs…I’d use those terms on anyone and do…liberally

  • Guest

    Would have asking them to quieten down been more appropriate than naming and shaming?
    Of course many will get a ki=ck out of this but it could have been simply resolved.

  • Agent Balzac

    lol Cam you do NOT look amused!

  • Jono

    Ridiculous that the plane had to put up with this in the first place. Yeah sure, these guys might have been excited, but this kind of behaviour is just over the top. I think Cam gave them enough slack to change their attitudes before having had enough of them. Heck I think I would have nutted off earlier.

  • Aimee

    ” After securing a few photos…I stood up and gave it to them…”
    Although their behavior was unacceptable, this segment of your price makes me wonder – were you sitting their secretly happy about the events? It has surely given you a good and controversial post?
    If their actions were really that full on, alerting a flight attendant much earlier into the flight would have been the far more logically thing to do?

    • stephen2d

      And you could have joined for more rather than just to defend your mates…just sayin’

  • Rick H

    One wasn’t that Roger guy who laughs like a dope incessantly on that station?

  • LesleyNZ

    No wonder Mediaworks is down the gurgler. Was it on Fiji Airways?

    • Tom

      I have to agree with you on that one. Crap staff, childish shows.

    • Yes it was Fiji Airways

      • LesleyNZ

        Just disgraceful behaviour – and the Fijian flight attendants are such gracious people. Think you were very tolerant to put up with this bad behaviour in the time that you did. It is so very true – be very careful what you say in a public space – you never know who is within earshot.

  • Cathy Odgers

    This shit doesn’t happen in business class. Spanish Bride this must be the look Whale has when he’s about to go ballistic at the kids! Ha