Mike Lee slags off crap development and Brown’s fingers become more sticky

Mike Lee – long time consolidated city advocate – has hit out at the winning entry for Len Brown’s developer mate Mark Todd.

Mr Todd has chosen a design from an initial competition but Mike Lee says it’s not what should be built.

Whilst it’s somewhat contradictory of Lee, the fact is – even he is unimpressed. More ticky tacky units by the railway.

But that’s not all. Whilst Lee is bagging the development as another eyesore news to WOBH says that Mr Todd has also garnered himself criticism for obtaining consent for a development proposal on Khyber Pass that breaks a number of provisions set by the Special Housing Areas.

Locals are upset that the first consent under the SHA process should have been notified – at least to immediate neighbours due to its height yet Mr Todd was able to do what other developers can’t and sneak one passed the goalie. ??

Not 100m away the country’s biggest residential property developer – Conrad Properties – were forced through a strenuous notified consent for their Lion Place scheme.

Easy for one developer. Hard for the other. Hmm.

It raises serious questions about the relationships Mr Todd has with Len Brown and top Council brass. Are Len and his officers acting outside the law to benefit their favourite friend?

What has Mr Todd achieved so far?

1. SHA tranches announced on his land in Eden Terrace by Mayor Brown;

2. Competitions for design with an official from Mayor’s office as judge and the art gallery no less from which to display competition entries;

3. An SHA consent (one of the first granted and non notified no less) that by local accounts – is for a building that is higher than 5 level limit of the SHA legislation rules and higher than what the proposed unitary plan provides for.

Sounds dodgy and time for Brown to come clean.