[POLL] Which party won’t let foreigners buy land, will let them become MPs?

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Five Conservative Party candidates may be barred from standing at the election because they are not New Zealand citizens.

The party is delaying the announcement of the four South African and one Pacific Island hopeful, until their citizenship is approved.

All five are permanent residents but must have sworn an oath of citizenship by August 27 – nomination day – to be eligible to contest September’s general election. A sixth candidate, who is English, recently had an application to the Department of Internal Affairs approved.

The party hopes to stand a candidate in every electorate.

Chief executive Christine Rankin declined to name the nominees. She is hopeful the paperwork will be ready in time.

“If it’s not, it’s not. We’ve got a lot of candidates and these are really great people that we would love to have on board. We’ll just have to wait and see how the process works out.

Dem foreigners aren’t allowed to buy our houses, businesses or land, but they are entirely welcome to stand for parliament to screw John Key over.

As long as we’re clear on that.


– Andrea Vance, Stuff