RED: How Israel warns it’s citizens from Hamas terrorism

Yesterday I mentioned the app that is available to push alerts of rocket strikes to your smart phone.

It is called RED and is available for iPhone and Android.

I have it installed on my phone and at dinner last night a flurry of alerts came in reminding me to share with you what it looks like.

When you login you have two possible screens.

The latest alerts and and a Map showing the latest alerts. It uses GPS and cell towers to know where you are.

Here is the Map screen showing the flurry of rocket attacks against Ashdod and Askelon and the general vicinity at around 6:45pm last night.


You can zoom in as well for a closer idea.


And this is the latest alert screen. The 3 digit numbers are the alert area of Israel.


As I was typing this post up I received an alert for Bat Yam and other suburbs of Tel Aviv south of my hotel. I went up on the roof and captured this video.