I resent Hagar…

…for not sending me some comps.

The idea I have to go out in traffic and buy what is already mine to start with is rather grating to be honest.

Come on Hagar, email me an electronic copy.


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  • BloodyOrphan

    I think the feeling is mutual Cameron :-)

  • Justsayn

    You’ll be able to download it off Krim’s website this time tomorrow so don’t waste any money in Hagar’s direction.

    • Isherman

      Yes, so Krim will need a (free) copy I guess, probably signed, he likes signed ones doesnt he.

      • Justsayn

        Didn’t he provide the emails? Sorry I’m having trouble keeping up.

    • Now I am torn. Do I buy it off Amazon when it comes out and give Hagar my money or do I pirate it off Mega and give Kim Dotcom the money? Man. I am between the devil and the deep blue sea here. What’s a girl to do?

      • Justsayn

        :-) would it make it worse if I suggested that 5 cents of every book sale is being donate to find a cure for child cancer? Cos I’m quite prepared to make that up for fun… Hell I could write a book.

      • Lux

        don’t bother with either ..

      • Agent Balzac

        Buy 50 shades of grey on video and make Cam watch it

      • Lofty [Friend of New Zealand]

        Just hover around a second hand book store, a copy will be there, oh let’s say tomorrow.

        • Gaynor

          Don’t come to mine I will not ever have it.

      • Medium Sized Des

        I think Hagar’s gonna need the money shortly. He must be gutted he can’t claim royalties from tonight’s posts :). Congrats to you, Cam, Pete et al on your latest steps towards World Domination!

      • Amazon. They are relatively honest exploiters.

      • rantykiwi

        Steal it from the local library and let the Auckland ratepayers foot the bill – it’ll be chaper for us than anything Len’s proposed.

  • Sym Gardiner

    Not even available on Amazon. :(

  • TreeCrusher

    O the irony if this book turns up pirated somewhere.

  • Muffin

    Just watched that hager looser on the PH show and goodness what a load of unconvincing rubbish. Wait till after the election then have JK and Slater spank him right through the courts. Doesn’t look like he will be a good bankrupt.

    • Gaynor

      After that review I don’t think sales are going to be very good lol

    • Caro

      Muffin the only one who will be in the court will be your mate Cam his leaders Key and Crusher, ohhhhh I can”t wait.

  • Lux

    Very Interesting, the speed reader on the Paul Henry show, said he read it twice, and there is nothing there to even lose one vote..

    • shindig

      The speed-reader on Paul Henry is a Govt lobbyist, a director at NZTE, former CEO of Wellington Chamber of Commerce, recently re-appointed by Steven Joyce as chair of the Board of Education. Not known to the Govt at all, nothing to see here move right along shall we? http://www.sul.co.nz/page/charles-finny.aspx

    • Caro

      Err yes, but Paul Henry is not God. the reality is very different. This will be the death of an already struggling National party , to many self servers, death by their own hand how ironic.

  • kiwibattler

    130 odd pages? The speed-reader on Paul Henry said it was a dud (he read it twice), no smoking gun and he said people should wait till it hits the bargain bin…..

    • Jono

      sounds like it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. What a waste of trees.

      EDIT: Money? I meant paper… Think I have money on my mind :/

      • Aaron

        Greenies won’t like that.

    • shindig

      The speed-reader on Paul Henry is a Govt lobbyist, a director at NZTE, former CEO of Wellington Chamber of Commerce, recently re-appointed by Steven Joyce as chair of the Board of Education. Not known to the Govt at all, nothing to see here move right along shall we?

      • Dave

        So, he is an well qualified and honourable man with credibility and a reputation he does not want sullied. Even if it didn’t suit his politics he might have watered it down, words like, “it’s got some interesting bits, some factual stuff but mostly over the top conspiracy” or similar, but no, he dismissed it outright.

    • steve and monique

      Hoping it is 3 ply and absorbent.

  • Bruno 32

    Are Hagar and minto related ?

    • geoff3012

      Hey, they look like “identical twins” according to my wife who knows 4/5ths about all this stuff……

  • Richard
  • Agent Balzac

    Don’t feel sad Pete…Nicky Hager only just got a copy. He’s looking forward to getting it signed by Cameron himself

    • Cam should sign a copy and send it to Kim for his collection.

      • Time For Accountability

        If KDC files them alphabetically by title or author it will be left of Mein Kamph by Hitler. Does that tell us something. About his left green leaning.

      • rantykiwi

        He could add a hastily scribbled subtitle of “Mein Bumpf”.

    • Teletubby

      A least a copy signed by Cam would have some value on the second hand market.

  • Justsayn

    He might not have sent you a copy but he is sending you plenty of new readers.

  • Just had a thought…it is my intellectual property so he should be paying me royalties

    • Copyright infringement?

    • Statehousekid

      Yes I suggest 5% of all profits. That will be a total of $2 and 53 cents.

    • Justsayn

      Take a one off payment, a percentage will not work out well.

    • I reckon you should take him to court for that. Could be a cool test case to see where the law falls on someone making a living out of someone else’s stolen property…

      …now where have I heard that scenario before?

      • Time For Accountability

        Ausy has an offence of taking in their crimes act.

      • All_on_Red

        Call Graham McCready

      • xen gun

        Where’d you hear that before ? oh, c’mon, think, uh where .. ??

        Hey, I know, wouldn’t that have been round your own office ? You trade in information other people would rather YOU didn’t have, don’t you ?

        Don’t you get the irony ? Someone is doing to you what you routinely try and do to others. “Could be a cool test case to see where the law falls on someone making a living out of someone else’s stolen property.” Duh, then they could do it to you,..

        Oh no, you’re a peoples’ free-speech thing, not real “journalists” like Hager, just the voice of the people. Ha ha, you can’t have it both ways.

        But really you’re just here to whip up OTHER PEOPLE, your angry posters, then they really do the dirty work for you, you just steer them like some rabble rousing Southern evangelists, and they leave the poison posts ? (or do they, you leave some too right?)

        Nixon had his plumbers didn’t he. Well you guys always reliably plumb the depths, and you are dealers in dirt.

        So, who are the National Party’s “useful idiots” ? This blog’s Cameron and Pete, or it’s followers and posters ? I’d say the beehive’s answer would be “BOTH”.

        • Rhys Williams

          you are a nutter and honestly need help

    • Rhys Williams

      hager is just a wee man with no substance and quite frankly full of it…Im sure
      thousands of us would contribute to taking the loser to court

  • Hagar seems to “conveniently” get emails. Now, the fun will be seeing exactly how much of this he made up.

    I’d lay money Hagar will not let you have an electronic copy because you do have the emails and you can spot the lies. And fisk him mercilessly.

    My main worry is that wives, kids, and other civilians will be hurt — not that worried about the Slaters as SB can and will protect them — but, as this election campaign is the dirtiest I have seen in NZ, I expect more fecal material to be distributed fairly soon… by various parties.

  • Platinum Fox

    John Campbell also seemed miffed that he hadn’t received a comp before going to air.

  • Time For Accountability

    I got the distinct impression on the Henry show that Hagar was not fluent with his knowledge of the books content.

    The other impression was that this is a fizzer. If there was emanating stuff he would have published it.

    Am I right Hagar is Green leaning. Labour are too dumb to be behind him.

  • shindig

    “go out in traffic” – where? Korea? or Israel?

    • it’s a joke, genius

  • Anyone else enjoy Corin Dann’s breathless ‘bomb shell’ announcement on TV One News at 6pm as the story was breaking.
    Journalistic integrity – TV One – Oxymoron.

    • Monito

      It was pathetic but then again he has been showing his true colours!

      • All_on_Red

        Yeah, we don’t need to hack his emails to see who he supports politically. The thing is, he’s not very bright either. How do these people get these jobs?

  • Andrewj

    Well the feeling is probably mutual.

    The internet is changing politics. The old media leaks were not working anymore. So blogs are an effective way of kneecapping your opponents.

    The sad fact is that we are slowly being financialised and John Key is a big player. Right wingers follow along like muppets.

    There should always be a balance between Freedom and Equality, its what keeps our democracy in balance. Cam is hard over on the freedom side of the scale, eventually it has to move to the equality side or things get very ugly and no one wins.

    The sophists belief that what matters is winning the argument, whether you are right or wrong is irrelevant. Its the ruling of the audience that makes right or wrong. Its Truth by delusion.


    And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
    The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!

  • Monito

    Hagar is a lowlife weasal, he should be charged for publishing stolen material. And remember who as been promoting this – trash Dotcom!

    • Cadwallader

      Burgess, MacLean, Philby, Blunt Hagar?

      • xen gun

        Hardly. They sold secrets to the Russians. The secrets stayed secret with the Russians. This is information that should be public, about how our own politicians behave. We live in a democracy. We’re about to have an election. This site reveals dirt all the time. It trades in secrets. supposedly for the public good. This is the last site that should be complaining about the release of dirt in the interests of the public.

        This is just useful information in assessing the worthiness of the people we have up for election, people like Key and “Oriveda Justice Business” Collins. The more information about HOW THEY CONDUCT POLITICS the better.

        So the back-channel information, the “secret” bowels of the operation at Whale Oil being given disinfecting sunlight is bad ? Even if it merely reveals that politicians claiming not to use back channels or smear campaigns are doing just that ?

        • Rhys Williams

          bla bla bla wee man , you are full of it

    • Caro

      Actually he is awesome , how many people like Cam do you think ?get into the real world and look around you Dirty Politics is selling like a hot cake because people want the truth about National and their dirty connections.

      • Monito

        Seriously? most people I know think Hager is a sleazy opportunist who cannot be even acknowledged.

  • Kanban

    Smoke and mirrors

  • Iva b ginn

    Just heard Jeff Bryan give Hager a serve on the Sound news.

    • Cadwallader

      Now Mike Hosking has! Hagar was scrambling to explain his (lack of) ethics.

      • Iva b ginn

        heard him as well on the way to work. Hosking gave him plenty of air time , I only heard a small bit of Cam’s interview.

  • Sorry for Being a Man

    Just heard Mike Hosking get royally stuck into Hager. Exposing him for the hypocrite he is. Funny, Hager couldn’t see it that way.

    • xen gun

      Well Hosking has a vested interest in preserving his own reputation as a journalist. Hosking reminds me of Bill O’Reilly, he talks over people, always worried about how HE looks coming out of a discussion, and he doesn’t often have reasoned positions for his disagreements with others because he usually fails to address the valid points made by those he disagrees with, usually just cheap one-liners, for theatrics. stuff you use for dismissal of talk-back callers.

      He’s still trying to live down what people think of him. His Seven Sharp summaries are blatantly partisan, and he should have the graciousness to step aside for the TV debate. He is just a talk-back radio host, and his debating skills are at that level. He doesn’t belong on TV, why do we have to suffer his one-sided wannabe punditry each night ?

      His arrogance and self-importance are off-putting enough. He is simply someone bullying the audience into what to think.

      • Rhys Williams

        what a joke little man, you are all fiction and no fact

        • xen gun

          O’Reilly, I’m not a fan, but i see the similarities.

          Fiction, not fact ? How so ? I have followed Hosking’s career for many years and his schtick is simply to be abrasive enough to force through his opinion as the last word. He cannot debate back and forward, and his tone of contempt for his opponent is cheap and nasty, he is no gentleman, there is not pleasantness to his conversation, he always seems vaguely annoyed and uncomfortable. I see grim desperation, a need-to-prove, a wannabe know-it-all,
          I don’t see comfort and enjoyment with his work, just tension. No wisdom. He’s in the wrong job, out of his depth. O’Reilly is much smarter, which makes him sick, he knows better, even more cynical than Hosking. They both take the cheap shots, both do what their political masters tell them.

          and your cheap “little man”. Ok, you haven’t proved a thing. Maybe you are the little man in this, and I can back that up. You look up to Hosking, little guy, his debating skills are better than at least yours.

          • Rhys Williams

            lol, what a laugh you are ,but I wont be running you down because its a losers trait

          • Nige.

            [MOD] “what a joke little man” “grow up little man” “bla bla bla wee man” from previous posts are considered personal attacks. Stick to facts and add value to debates or you will find yourself banned.

          • xen gun

            Not because you got told off by the moderator last time then ?

          • Rhys Williams

            no, they can do all they want , I just dont see the sense in running people down unless they themselves instigate it, and that goes for left or right. People should be able to get their point across without all this crap of Nat this and Labour that couple with personal attacks, it just creates a volitile envirement that is not good for all parties and there are no winners

          • xen gun

            Well OK, that is pretty much Hagar’s point too, and I’d have to agree with it and you.

          • Rhys Williams

            thank you , and vis versa

      • BB

        The fact that you watch Bill O explains it all.

  • TInGo

    Cameron Slater on stress leave? Lol its all out now public domain John Keys invovement isnt going to wash off in the shower though.

  • wooted

    So in the 8 years since his last great novel, the best Nicky could come up with are the revelations that Whale Oil & KiwiBlog support National. Wow, quit an achievement.

    So here is your next assignment, Nicky, you have until 2022 to come up with connections between left wing blogs Stranded & Daily Blog and left wing parties. Here are some hints to help you join the dots:

    Lyn Prentice ….. David Cunliffe
    Martyn Bradbury …. Kim DotCom

    Oh, no, now whats left to research for the next 8 years?

    Andea Vance …. Peter Dunne?

  • DM

    Genuinely funny post.

  • steve and monique

    In all seriousness I wonder if Cam and his team could do anything about this information which looks to have been received not so above board. Could you go to the police or even take him to court? I believe if you decided on court action, most of us would make a donation ($5 or $10 each). We cannot allow one of the few decent media sites left in this country to be slated (pardon the unintentional play on words).
    It is the right thing to do. This is where we come to get good honest debate, however, if I am short on paper for the bathroom, I will hit the bargain bin at Whitcoulls. The contributors on this site Mr Hagar, have an intellect far beyond reading yesterdays news and you are an absolute disgrace to all decent investigative authors/journalists everywhere. A real author/journo does not make a book so obviously one sided with ironically, no investigation on both sides. And the result is – fiction.

    • xen gun

      This stuff is in the public interest. The book is about politicians outsourcing smear campaigns, generating defamatory memes. I don’t think a judge could be bothered enjoining a book from publication that merely points out the poor practice of the PR crowd-sourcing from the prime minister’s office. Suppress a book with hard evidence of a defamation goon squad on grounds of defamation ?

      Get over yourselves, you’ve been used, whale oil posters, you are the goon squad, you are Key’s “useful idiots”.

      • The Question should be asked is why he has not been arrested for the crime of “receiving” stolen property re – as in the Email’s that make up most of his new book. as he has already admitted on live TV that he knew they had been Stolen / Hacked when he was given them.

        What is the difference between receiving a Stolen Dvd player and the Emails? NOTHING…..

        • xen gun

          refer back to Hager’s introductory page on the book’s web site and note his quoting of Cameron’s own boasts of hackings and caches of others’ emails .. and even if they were hacked, does that change what they say about the Whale Oil blog process one little bit ?

          • I did not say Hager hack only that he is guilty of “Receiving” in his own words live on TV… so Mr Plod where are you…..and please throw away the key……..

      • Rhys Williams

        one would suggest you look at yourself , calling people idiots can be damaging given the fact even Hagar admits the facts are only hear-say…grow up little man

    • alt_view

      That gives oxygen to this right through the election period.
      This may have been deliberate ploy. Hager admits info is pilfered.
      Often best to let it go. There will be more news in next five weeks that will surpass this. (This may have been said with hundrends of posts already. I cant read ’em all)

    • Caro

      Really we are all interested in these exposures by Hagar, it is such important political information when a smear campaign is so obviously at the heart of a Parties politics .Winning an election by destroying your opposition through deception and lies is despicable, as is releasing ACC information as the Justice Minister. It is just the crap has hit the fan for you all ,but can really you support such corruption after reading the book. I mean why are you guys so invested in National anyway , do they pay your wages I just don;t get it there is so little to like.

  • Max

    Cam, to get a free copy you have to be a left wing leaning television talking head or reporter with bias to the left who emphasise their own slanted views.

    • johnnymanukau.

      With all the now confirmed lies highlighted by Hager to be handed out for free to the press, eh ! I don’t think so, he will be running for cover any day soon like he did after the ‘Hollow Men’.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    I don’t believe Hager never sent you a copy for you to autograph for him seeing he has made you the star of his so called book.

  • TInGo

    You fat twit this is deep &*^&*^% for National thanks for having no IT nous you dummy c slater.

  • Slinkywhale

    Is this just another 50 shades of grey, just putting on paper nothing we don’t already know, they are all at it, right, left and centre, just politics.

  • kehua

    YA dreamin Cam, lefties are all take and no give, you know that. Good news is this will throttle the media for a week or so and old Cunnars will keep on struggling to get aword in.

  • Guntah

    I am a leftie and live in Christchurch what do you National voting muppets think of that? Scum perhaps?

  • Rhys Williams

    Hagar uses heresay and unfounded hyperthetical material to create a media frenzy oblivious to the fact that he has broken a far worse law thieving private personal information of peoples computors. Some would say a dishonest thief