Rodney, buy a TV will you


Rodney Hide and his wife Louise (well actually it was Louise) have delivered a new baby boy into the world.

Perhaps it is time Rodney bought a TV…come on three’s enough.

Rodney Hide and wife Louise are celebrating the arrival of a baby boy.

Errison Hide was born in the early hours of Thursday weighing 3.9kg. ?

Hide told the?Herald on Sunday?that he was “punching the air that he’s a boy”, a brother to Liberty, 3, and Grace, 22 months.

“I love the girls and didn’t mind the gender but … we’re going to do boy things together.”

Hide, 57, said mum and baby were doing well ? and the family was enjoying another child.

The name Errison comes from Greek mythology.

Hide and Louise, 36, a former professional squash player who represented New Zealand at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, married in 2010.

I’m damn sure I’d not be wanting a new born at age 57….but the boys got the same haircut as the Dad…a good start.

Still you are only as old as the woman you feel.


– NZ Herald