They are rugby players not a bunch of blouses


A bunch of squeamish limp-dicked wowsers are happening scorn on Crusader rugby players because they dared to enjoy a spot of hunting…legally, shooting legal game animals, with legal permits, and legal guides.

If these blokes stepped out of the bush in New Zealand with a 12 pointer Red stag, a massive Captain Cooker and few goats to feed the dogs wearing nothing but boots, shorts and a swannie then we’d be calling them good keen blokes.

Pictures of Crusaders rugby players on a hunting trip in South Africa are being used by an environmental organisation in its fight against what it calls canned, or joyride, hunting.

The players shown in the four pictures posted by the Landmark Foundation on its Facebook page were Tom Taylor, George and Sam Whitelock, Ben Funnell and Tyler Bleyendaal. In each picture, one or more of the players was posing beside a dead animal. The animals were a zebra, a blesbok, a gemsbok and an eland.

Foundation director Dr Bool Smuts said none of the animals involved were endangered and he expected the hunting was legal.

But his foundation was “against the whole concept of trophy hunting”.

“If it was a biological intervention on a professional basis … for management of species and biodiversity we can understand that,” Smuts said.

“When these people (hunters) come out they want to hunt the thing with the biggest horns, the most dominant males usually because they are the good trophies, so the natural selection is not natural at all.”

This is pathetic and the Facebook warriors even more so.

These guys haven’t done anything wrong, the animals aren’t on any endangered lists anywhere.

Good on The Canterbury Rugby Union for telling the woofters to nick off.

Crusaders chief executive Hamish Riach said the players had engaged in a “perfectly legal activity” with a licensed guide.

He said hunting bans would not be imposed on players on future visits to South Africa because the Crusaders couldn’t dictate to grown men what was morally right or wrong.

“They weren’t poaching, they [the animals] weren’t endangered species, they didn’t have an illegal guide. It was all very, very appropriate and done within the context of the legal industry in South Africa.”

I may even think about supporting the Crusaders now.

And Sam Whitelock stands firm too. He has nothing to apologise for, good on him.

All Black lock Sam Whitelock has defended himself and Crusaders teammates after images of them posing with dead big-game animals were posted online, sparking condemnation.

Pictures of Tom Taylor, Sam and George Whitelock, Tyler Bleyendaal and Ben Funnell were uploaded on a South African conservation organisation’s Facebook page.

They are shown posing with the dead animals, which include a blood-drenched zebra, a blesbok, a gemsbok and an eland – none of which are endangered.

Wait until I start showing pictures of my Super Slam 25??which is on my bucket list.



– Fairfax, NZ Herald