The (stupid) face of naked greed


That man looked at the MH17 crash and thought… “now, that’s a great source of inspiration for art”.

Yes, art.

Or maybe, he was just after a quick buck? ?Cherie Howie will help you decide:

A man who bought a personalised plate bearing the flight number of downed Malaysia Airlines’ jetliner MH17 says his purchase is a “priceless piece of art”.

Massey delivery driver Russell Montaperto spent $650 for the plate a few days after the plane was shot down while flying over a region of Ukraine under the control of Russian separatists.

Australia-based Kiwi Mary Menke and British-born Otaki man Robert Ayley were among 298 killed in the atrocity.

Montaperto hasn’t had the plate made yet, and was not sure when that would happen, but he had no doubt it was something he wanted.

“It’s like a priceless piece of art. When people see that, it means something to them … because it’s part of history that has affected the whole world.”

I guess I left another option out. ?He could also me a complete moron. ?

“It has historical value. That to me is worth more than money in the bank. I don’t need the money.”

The owner of a dozen investment properties, he needed neither to work nor to sell the plate to support himself, Montaperto said.

If he had the plate made he would likely include writing above saying “Airline flight”, and below “lest we forget”.

“I thought of that because … when you saw [the Dutch military] carrying the coffins from the [military] plane, it just reminds you of the Anzacs. It makes you think on life in a different perspective when you see those people on the flight. I’ve seen a couple of photos of [victims] and they’re still in their chairs. They’re nothing now, they’re gone.

The naked greed is only exceeded by this man’s shamelessness.

He even manages to equate buying a number plate by passing off on the mana of Anzac soldiers.

What a lowlife.