Trougher trying to rewrite past


For the past week every MSM has ?invited? me to comment on the stolen contents of Hagar?s book.

One I was tempted to do was TVNZ?s Marae this coming Sunday at 10am. The main reason was it involves a face-to-face with one of the original troughers I exposed back in 2009 ? Shane Kawenata Frederick Bradbrook.

Some may recall the series I ran about Shane Kawenata Frederick Bradbrook.

Exclusive: Te Reo Marama and Maori Smoking ? Troughing 101?showed how Te Reo Marama had a damning 88 page audit report against it by the Ministry of Health and how Shane Kawenata Frederick Bradbrook saw fit to expend some $77,000 on international travel in just 3 years,??visited Chicago, USA in June 2000, Helsinki, Finland in August 2003, Hawaii, USA in November 2005, New York in April 2006, Washington DC in July 2006, Cairns, Australia in November 2006, Bangkok, Thailand in July 2007, Hawaii again in Oct 2007, Broome, Australia in Nov 2007, Hawaii again!!! in May 2008, and Melbourne and Tuvalu in the same month, Durban South Africa in Nov 2008, Mumbai, India in March 2009, Perth, Australia in May 2009 and finally Darwin just recently in October 2009.

Exclusive: Te Reo Marama and Maori Smoking ? Troughing 102?showed how the Ministry of Health continued to fund Te Reo Marama despite a damning audit report to the tune of over $1.2million.

Exclusive: Te Reo Marama and Maori Smoking ?Troughing 103?showed how the Board members of Te Reo Marama had been troughing it up big time on the taxpayer and where the normal rules of disclosure, fiscal prudence and transparency go right out the window. Despite 9 years of funding and getting over $1.2m in taxpayer funds for the past years, Te Reo Marama NEVER produced a set of audited accounts!

Then when Te Reo Marama?s funding was finally cut ??Gotcha! TRM Funding Cut ? Still doesn?t get it, Shane Kawenata Frederick Bradbrook complained that ?the MOH didn?t explain it to him?. He even tried to get his friends to sign ?glowing? references for him that he wrote himself!

Then, when I appeared before the Maori Affairs Select Committee Shane Kawenata Frederick Bradbrook sat behind me whispering how much of a ?fat c**t? I was and that I was a ?wanker? and other unmentionable terms.

He didn?t like what he was hearing. Especially the bit about where officials were filing the audit report where not a single deliverable was shown to have been met, extremely poor spending controls and incompetent management and board governance. Or the bit where he was found out to be double-dipping from the Hawkes Bay DHB.

Shane Kawenata Frederick Bradbrook continues to trough, embedding himself into the Hutt Valley DHB, and as amember of Pharmac?s Consumer Advisory Committee, where he boasts of having ?significant experience with public health and indigenous people?s issues, including with the United Nationas and the World Health Organisation, and in New Zealand?.

But sadly, I have too many commitments on Saturday and Sunday in Israel.

I?ve told Marae that ?Shane Bradbrook was revealed as a serial trougher, everything was factual, and poor quality systems. The Ministry of Health pulled his funding for a reason…and it wasn’t my exposure of him as a serial trougher “saving” Maori smokers while he travelled the world on the conference circuit.?

It would be good if Marae actually confronted Shane Kawenata Federick Bradbrook about what he actually delivered for the $1.2m that Te Reo Marama received, and why the Ministry of Health axed their funding.


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