Whose party?

Who owns the Internet Party and Laila Harre?

Is it the members?

Is it someone else?

Let’s look at the legal documents served on Radio Live and Sean Plunket, and taken from the undertaking given by Wayne Tempero in the High Court.


His party…got that…in legal documents filed just last week…no doubt that it is his party.

I wonder though if he has declared that in his assets, along with “his businesses” and “his music”.

This is the same as the legal letter they sent me months ago.

In the audio of the interview with Wayne Tempero?it was also revealed that Dotcom has always had it in his plans to take me down.


Make no mistake…I believe from the building evidence that the hack of my emails and the DoS attack on my site were orchestrated and paid for by Kim Dotcom.

Anyone who stands up to him and his narcissism becomes a target.

he thinks I will give up telling the truth about him, he thinks I will kneel down before bullies.

He is wrong.

My resolve is strengthened by these attacks, and I expect them to get nastier and nastier as he attempts to drive a wedge between my friends and my family.

I won’t let that happen and neither will my friends and family.

I?will fight this narcissist who seeks to pervert our politics with his illegal and poor behaviour.

The media might well be sucking his dick at the moment, but he made a mistake taking on Plunket. Suing media is never successful.


– hacked from Sean Plunket’s Facebook page