More Winston bullshit

Winston Peters claimed earlier in the?year that Huka Lodge had be sold…it was a lie.

Winston Peters once told the media and a privileges committee that he’d never taken a donation from Owen Glenn…it was a lie.

Now he is lying again.

Justice Minister Judith Collins has said NZ First leader Winston Peters was wrong when he said one of her people approached him about negotiations after the election if she was National leader.

This evening Peters told TV3 he had “backdoor approaches myself from the Collins’ camp… If you can’t talk to [National leader] John Key after the election, can you talk to her?”

Peters believed the move was an attempt to undermine the prime minister which Collins was likely to be aware of.

“I didn’t think the bag man was coming without her consent,” Peters said.

Collins had previously said she was not responsible for what others did, but came out more strongly this evening.

“Winston Peters is wrong. I have never approached him nor have I asked anyone else to approach him,” she said in a statement.

Winston Peters is stretching credibility to suggest a “loyalist” of Judith Collins would make an approach to a man she deeply despises.

As everyone knows now Judith Collins and I are good friends, I know her mind, and I know that she loathes Winston Peters.

Any claim that a “loyalist” would approach Winston Peters is stupid beyond belief. ?

Even stupider is who Winston Peters thinks is?the “loyalist”.

If my information is correct then Winston is about to make a complete fool of himself because if it is who he will claim it to be then that person last met Judith Collins at parliament in a room full of 30 people…three years ago…hardly a loyalist I would have thought.

[…] Peters stood by his claims.

“She would say that, wouldn’t she?” Peters said of Collins statement.

While he would not say who it was approached him, Peters said he was approached “out of the blue”.

“This person was commissioned by an MP in the National Party to make this approach.”

He would not say the person was, but dismissed a question of whether it was Cameron Slater, saying he would not take the call.

He also dismissed a question of whether he would be willing to work in a Cabinet with Collins, saying it was “immaterial” because she should not be a minister.

“I do not believe any real leader would tolerate this sort of behaviour.”

Now we see the real reason…Winston has waited to throw this out there so he can try an claim a scalp.

Pity he is working off the confused memory of a senile old git…his memory.

This is just the same old stuff from Winston Peters, bluster, bulldust and smears in an attempt to maintain his irrelevance after the media have had wall to wall coverage of nothing but me.


– Fairfax