2Degree boycott snowballs

Our mail ?is overflowing with examples of people interacting with 2Degrees Here’s a selection:

Sent: Tuesday, 9 September 2014 9:52 a.m.
To: Neil?xxxxx
Subject: RE: Plan Match

Hi Neil,

That?s great, thank you for letting me know.
I can look at doing another plan match if your able to send me a bill or I could pop out today to meet you?

Kind Regards,

Jacqui Rawiri
Telephone Account Manager
Two Degrees Mobile Limited

============== ?

From: Neil xxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, 9 September 2014 10:57 a.m.
To: Jacqui Rawiri
Subject: RE: Plan Match

Will let you know in a few days.


From: Jacqui Rawiri
Sent: Tuesday, 9 September 2014 10:58 a.m.
To: Neil?xxxxx
Subject: RE: Plan Match

Sounds good, look forward to hearing from you. J

Have a good week.

Kind Regards,


From: Neil xxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, 10 September 2014 9:40 a.m.
To: ‘Jacqui Rawiri’
Subject: RE: Plan Match

Hi Jaqui,

I have decided not to change from Vodafone, despite obvious cost advantages and the excellent sell by you on behalf of 2 degrees.

My reason is simple, and absolutely nothing to do with you and is despite your very professional dealings with DEVI.

Your marketing department have decided to take sides in the leadup to the election and caved in to the demands of the far left to withdraw advertising from National leaning sites.

Accordingly, we do not wish to support a politically partisan supplier.

Many thanks for your help,

Another sale lost because they yielded to the far left loons organised by Internet Party strategist and MANA party blogger Martyn Bradbury and his little team of agitators.

Good afternoon,

As Director of a small company, I have the freedom to place our services where we will and for the reasons I think are significant.

I left Vodafone three years ago with our five systems because I thought you of anyone might understand New Zealand, New Zealanders and New Zealand Business. Your decision to wimp out to the Left of Politics, and withdraw your advertising and support from the Whaleoil Blog site is mischievous. It tells me you are a partisan company, who wishes to support wreckers within the society. Wreckers who moreover rely for their material on stolen materials and the cover of anonymity.

Fair enough, it is your dollar. And I support companies to advertise as widely or narrowly as they determine. But to assume you have the right to influence my thoughts and beliefs with your boycott decisions is totally ridiculous.

Place your adverts. Let the chips fall where they may. The New Zealand buying public will watch and will decide where to place their mobile spend accordingly.

To throw the progress your company has made away to shelter Lefties from a horrible truth is truly remarkable.

And on it goes…

To whom it may concern

Several of your telesales and external representatives have been chasing my business for the last 12 months including a phone call within the last 2 weeks where I put together the required information for them on my telecommunications spend

While you did offer a reasonable saving on our current provider ? while I was still digesting the numbers and contemplating making the change ? it was brought to my attention your current stance on the Whale Oil blog and your decision to bow to complete leftist screeching in the form of Martin Bradbury and the Daily Blog.

The fact you have caved to a week minority in such a way ? for a company supposed to be standing up to the ?big? guys is a joke

You could have simply told Mr Bradbury that the ads are placed by google in areas that google deems relevant for your target audience, instead you publicly announced you were taking a stand ? against what Im not sure, if you are trying to be non political, have you also blocked advertisements from the NZ herald, the daily blog or any other media with a political stance.

Or at worst, if you were going to be such pussies about the whole thing ? then you could have done it quietly, without making such a big public statement in the hope of appeasing a few ?

I don?t know about you guys ? but personally my marketing would be directed towards those that have a job and live in the real world ? rather than a bunch of university living, anti-business loons

You?ve made your choice and as I consumer I am making mine ? my business will stay with either Spark or move to Vodafone

While my business may only be small ? and only have 9 mobile phones with an average monthly spend of around $1000 ? im pretty sure my current provider (spark) or Vodafone will come out with a good deal to keep it

…and it doesn’t let up…


While the content herein has bearing on my professional capacity, I
write in a personal capacity.

I was quite upset to read this week that at the behest of a staunch left
wing activist, Dianne Khan, your organization has decided to show
political bias with your advertising. Please refer to the attached image.

Whaleoil, for all of it’s indelicateness, provides a counter to voices
such as Ms. Khan’s “saveourschools”, “The Daily Blog” and “The Standard”.

As an IT and technology consultant I get asked by my clients to review
their systems each year. One of whom has a monthly mobile spend with
Vodafone at present north of $12k, this includes their roaming and data.
Their contract comes up in November. Until I read the remark on Twitter,
2degrees was a brand included in my recommendations. I have deleted it.

Personally, I moved to 2degrees earlier this year. Despite some major
coverage issues, I am happy with the service. The Nexus 5 handset is an
exemplary device I would not trade. I was looking at bringing my wife’s
service across from Vodafone in December when her contract falls due,
but I’ve have a change in heart.

Yes, I’ve made these decision based in politics, but I’m following your
organizations lead.

2Degrees are certainly not earning any brownie points

Hi Crew,

you are probably fed up with these, but fired the following off to them this morning:

To Whom it may concern,

I am a long standing 2Degrees customer and have recently become aware that your company has instituted a blocking of your advertising with the Whale Oil website, the number 1 blog in NZ for web traffic, at the instigation of people from another blog from the opposite side of the political spectrum.

It is disappointing that you do not value freedom of speech and have decided to favour one viewpoint over another.

In my opinion you should have ignored the request and allowed your ads to continue, as they are generated from Google and you have no control over which websites they appear on. If your ads appear on other blogs I don’t object at all, but you take action when prompted to do so against Whale Oil, which is in effect a political decision.

I urge you to reconsider your stand and not give in to the bullying of other blogs with substantially less web traffic.

In the meantime I will be monitoring the situation and at the time my contract comes up for renewal in December, instead of renewing with you and upgrading my handset as well, I am going to give your competitors a more favourable consideration.

and on and on it goes.

2Degrees continue to take the stance that they removed advertising from all political blogs for the duration of the election, and that this wasn’t politically motivated. (Yeah, I can’t get my mind around that either).

However, here we clearly have evidence of The Daily Blog petitioning the removal of Whaleoil, specifically.



For people late to this story: ?Whaleoil doesn’t mind where companies advertise. ?What we do mind is advertisers caving in due to a few far left activists scaring them into thinking their business is going to be affected in some negative way?by having their ads appear to our 285,000 readers.

Well, if that’s the case, all we do is let our readers know such companies don’t want to be seen advertising here in case you think less of them and they might lose business because of it.

Oh the irony.