The advent of The Ruddliffe


David Cunliffe has morphed into The Ruddliffe.

Like Kevin Rudd he is tone deaf to his caucus, thoroughly disliked by the majority of the caucus and the general public and so narcissistic he believes that he alone is blameless.

His career path and ending are remarkably similar as well.?

Diplomat to Parliament, Back bench to front bench, to back bench, to leader to loser.

Hero to zero measured in months not years.

The only thing Kevin Rudd managed that David Cunliffe never will was that he actually won an election in 2007, and was then promptly rolled by Julia Gillard.

If you think the comparison with the deeply narcissistic and destructive Kevin Rudd is bad, then contemplate comparing David Cunliffe with Mark Latham, another failed Labor politician from Australia.

Either way David Cunliffe is a deeply flawed politician and so unsuited to leadership he is doomed to fail and take the Labour party with him.