Banned from New Zealand television, why?

Why is this banned?

Was it because the ute was too dirty?

Another advertisement for the Carl’s Jr burger chain as been banned from New Zealand television for being pointlessly raunchy – and this one features Paris Hilton.

The socialite and reality TV star has tweeted about the ruling, saying the advert, that also features Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson, was “so hot, it’s been banned from TV in New Zealand”.

The advert, which has screened in the United States, shows Ferguson eating a burger and cleaning a truck.

Last year a similarly raunchy ad for the burger chain was also banned by the Commercial Approvals Bureau (CAB), a body owned by the local TV networks which must approve ads before they air on New Zealand TV.

At the time the CAB said the ad – which featured two models in bikini tops and short shorts grilling and chomping on burgers – used sex to sell an unrelated product.

Oh how terrible..using sex to sell a product.



– NZ Herald (who are using sex to sell page views)