Big Reveal turns into Big Fraud

David “tainted” Fisher published the smoking gun that “proves” John Key knew about Kim Dotcom around two years before he claims he does.


From the NZ Herald, somehow presented as news, instead of fiction. The word “allegedly” was used a lot

There are many things I can talk about here. ?I can show you tweets of far left anti-Key activists that can’t even swallow this one as truth, for example.

But instead of opinion, let me just throw some hard data?out there for discussion. ?None of it is alleged


Search for “MegaRIP” and “Kim Dotcom”, and you’ll ?see the phrase MegaRIP was indexed by Google’s search engines about 15 hours ago.

Question: ?How did that happen?

Let’s look at the email again


Have a look at the date

Wed, 27 Oct 2010 01:42:39

Anything odd with that? ? No, not really? ? Except, if you’re a nerd. ?That’s not how dates and times are formatted inside emails


Another one


Got it yet?



As you can see, date and times inside emails have the timezone or?offset from UTC/GMT appended. ?This is so that email systems know that your 8pm isn’t the same as their 8pm (necessarily)

Is this hard proof?


But it is more likely to be a poor forgery than it is real because of the absence of what is a standard time notation on most email systems.





Where is the email before that one? ?Where is the email after it? ?It has to be part of a conversation.


Question for “real” journalist David Fisher and his “alleged” professionals at the NZ Herald:

  1. How did you?come into receipt of said “email”
  2. Where are the headers?
  3. Do the writer and/or recipient verify it is true?
  4. Did you ask?
  5. Is that the totality of it, or did you edit/redact any of it before publishing?
  6. Is that the only one you received or are there more?

It is truly incredible how people will latch on to something without there being any actual evidence of what is being presented as being authentic.

This wouldn’t even be accepted as evidence by a court, but putting “allegedly” in front of it makes everything OK?

What exactly does the NZ Herald know that makes it believe this is real? ? And if they are not sure, where is the public interest in running it as if it is?


…and finally… “game changer?”