Boo hoo, dry your eyes

Narcissist and sad old git Owen Glenn is crying a river of tears int eh Herald this morning…that NZ is too nasty and he is being driven away.

Harden up or shut up Owen.

Sir Owen Glenn has become so disillusioned with New Zealand he plans to close his foundation and concentrate his charitable efforts overseas.

The millionaire philanthropist says he has effectively been driven out of New Zealand, possibly by people with political interests.

Sir Owen also cited a media obsessed with unearthing scandal as a factor in his decision to quit the country.

“I’ve literally been driven out of New Zealand mentally. I’ve closed down my foundation there.”

He believes he is the victim of the tall poppy syndrome.

“Why? I’m not hurting anybody. I’m doing the opposite. I’ve given more money away in New Zealand than anybody else ever as a philanthropist. Will somebody please tell [people] that?

“How many good Kiwis live overseas because they don’t get a square deal Downunder?”

Sir Owen said he would finish his inquiry into domestic abuse as it was important to “keep faith with the victims”.

Yeah, well what did he expect dealing with all the troughing lefty luvvies he selected for the enquiry.

Sir Owen’s Glenn Family Foundation pledged $8 million to a number of South Auckland charities in 2012, but many never received the promised money.

Many of the organisations received a letter just before last Christmas saying Sir Owen wanted to focus his attention on the Glenn Inquiry into child abuse and domestic violence and that funding would cease.

Sounds like another narcissistic millionaire who likes hogging headlines.


– NZ Heald