Comment of the Day

voxburger writes

In pursuit of popular support National occupy the vote rich middle-ground, 50 cents each way.

They sit fat bottomed smack bang in the middle.

They’ve forced the left over to the Pixie and Free Pony territory.

The National position means they are obliged to buy into this ‘260,000 starving babies’ twaddle.

I’d like a voice in the house asking questions like: “If all these kids are going hungry aren’t their parents starving too?… I’m seeing an obesity problem.”

We need pushing over to a personal responsibility mind-set.

We have a vacuum to the right and I think the best party to fill that gap is the Conservatives.

Just because the word conservative is in the party name, and they have a few social conservative policy ?planks such as legalising the physical correction of children and repealing gay marriage, has anyone actually looked at the rest of their policies?

Have you noticed they are all over the place, with many actually closer to Labour than right of National?

People with religious and conservative values are fooled by a few flagship policies and the party name, just like green voters are fooled into thinking the Green Party is primarily an environmental movement and not a socialist/Marxist front. ?

Go to their web site. ?It is devoid of policy. ?All they are doing is showing some “principles” and their four flagship ‘conservative’ stances: ?one law for all, tougher on crime, $20k tax free and binding referendums.

They have a “vision”, they have “principles” and they have “people”, but they don’t actually have a consistent set of conservative policies.

Binding referendums aren’t conservative. ?They’re lunacy. ? $20k tax free isn’t conservative, it is pandering to the useless, the leeches and the layabouts in society. ? They have come out against the sale of New Zealand businesses to overseas buyers. ?Nice one on the property rights there Colin, and definitely not conservative.

But I challenge you to go to their web site and actually discover policy beyond their 4 bumper?stickers.

You’re not voting for what you think you’re voting for. ?It’s an idea. ?Like “Green”.