The continued boycott of Whaleoil advertisers by the left

You may recall our recent story about Pak ‘n Save being drawn into politics by a very insistent but small crowd run by Martyn Bradbury and Lynne Prentice’s blogs. ? They have intensified their efforts since Pak ‘n Save put the whole thing in the too hard basket.


These businesses are being put under pressure by the far left activists to stop advertising on Whaleoil. ?They use an extremely vile and slanted selection of arguments. ?Taken by themselves, I wouldn’t advertise with myself either.

Anyway, Benjamin Pedley, the Marketing Manager of Evolution Cycles has made a very clear and public decision. ?He wants it known that?Evolution Cycles is actively refusing to sell his company’s offers to over a quarter of million Whaleoil readers.

I would like to restate that advertising isn’t sponsorship. ?It is the advertiser reaching the reader. ? The advertiser is not seen to be promoting the medium. ?Just like we do not promote or endorse Evolution Cycles. ? That’s the way it has always been, until the far left scare crew decided to get?busy.

Much more amusing is the attempt by Martyn Bradbury to compile a public list of companies and organisations that advertise on Whaleoil. ? They are all there, except?

Internet Mana. ? Yes, Internet Mana are advertising here too – but somehow that’s left off Martyn’s list.

This is so devoid of logic, I’m not even going to try and rationalise it.

As per ususal, please consider clicking on the red DONATE button you see elsewhere on the screen and chip in a few dollars to offset the damage that Bradbury and his mates are doing. ? You know it will go to a good cause.



If your company really doesn’t want to advertise here. ?Just block it, but don’t TELL ANYONE. ? Don’t tell the far left loons that you have blocked it – they’ll crow loudly, and we’ll just let our quarter of a million readers know about it too.

But if you don’t tell anyone, you can both take our money away, AND not get any public backlash!

I would have thought that would have been blindingly obvious, but it seems – so far – a lot of left thinking marketing people haven’t gotten that clear in their minds.

You’re welcome.