Dotcom’s actions “reprehensible”

My how the worm has turned.

The left wing is turning on Nicky Hagar and Kim Dotcom…mostly Kim Dotcom.

David Cunliffe has thrown him under the bus in a desperate bid to save his leadership.

Labour leader David Cunliffe has delivered a belated acknowledgement that it was a mistake not to work more closely with the Green Party and lashed out at Kim Dotcom as “reprehensible.”

Asked if Mr Dotcom had affected the chances on the left, Mr Cunliffe said “absolutely.”

“For anybody to wade into New Zealand politics, spend over $4 million and end up wiping out his own supporters and damaging the left I think is reprehensible.”

And he hasn’t heard the last of this either.

Just wait until all the messy details of Dirty Politics washes out and then we will see just exactly who was “reprehensible”.

We are going to find out that it was the left?wing that resorted to breaking the law, that it was the left wing that are going to suffer a ‘Watergate’ style scandal, and that the real dirty politics was in fact played by the forces of the left.

Already the cabal are splitting with Georgina Beyer on Radio Live this morning telling Sean Plunket that it was Kim Dotcom and Laila Harre behind Dirty Politics.

The left wing, already mortally wounded in the election they thought they’d win, will eat themselves alive once details start emerging.

We are really going to have to label quite a few people as reprehensible…including many in the media.


– NZ Herald