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Laila Harre

Laila Harre

I watched 3rd Degree last night where three of Dotcom’s ex employees were interviewed.

It was a shocker.
I wonder if Laila Harre was watching and how deep in denial she actually is. Remember Laila is pro union and pro workers rights. She doesn’t believe in a class system as we are all equal. She would never call anyone SIR for example.

Laila is Kim Dotcom’s employee. She has been employed ( not democratically elected ) to be the Internet party Leader by a man who ignored NZ employment law? and who did all of the following to his Filipino employees.

1) Paid them $5 a hour ( below minimum wage )

2) Called them by their first names while insisting that they called him SIR.

3) Didn’t give them regular days off.

4) Didn’t give them written warnings before firing them

5) Refused to sign an employment certificate ( this simply states that they were employed by him it is not a reference ) thereby making it impossible for them to find new employment back in the Philippines.

6) Fired an employee for going to an investor in his new Mega Company asking for a position ( he? used the excuse that the employee broke a confidentiality agreement and that he talked about Kim’s family to the potential new employer.) This employee is now going to lose his home because he has not been paid what he is owed by Dotcom.

7) Imposed a 30% tax on them with out warning when it was time to pay them what he owed them after they loyally took a 50% pay cut.

8) Despite ample opportunity to settle the outstanding wages to his ex staff he continues to drag them through the expensive court system. What is owed is chicken feed to Dotcom who has thrown millions at The Internet party.

9) Oh and he has a temper and yells at his staff. Best of all he explained carefully to the interviewer that it was like a Parent, child relationship and that sometimes it is necessary to raise your voice in order to ensure that these major errors are not made again.

Staff compared to children?


If Laila continues to work for Dotcom and defend him she deserves our scorn. Only a total sell out could continue to work for such a low life employer.