Guest Post

I have a confession to make.  When I first found Whale Oil I didn’t like it.  I actually sat there and thought this needs to be stopped and I thought of contacting that websites advertisers and starting a boycott against Whale oil.  I then took a look at the whale oil facebook page, reading post after post attacking Slater and threatening his family.  I was absolutely disgusted and just sat there for hours reporting to facebook each post that came up.

Another confession is that I was banned by Pete for posting a link in a thread about the burning of the Key effigy instead of emailing it to him.  I completely agree with this banning and support it.  But it appears from some people who have been banned I should be angry and sending threats to Cameron and Whale oil.  Or that I shouldn’t be sticking up for what Cameron does.  Whoops, maybe I am a bad banned member and didn’t read the handbook on how to throw a tantrum when banned.

So with these confessions we come to the purpose of writing this and why I made those two confessions.  As I sat there reading the messages threatening Slater I realised that my theory to boycott Whale Oil and to contact the advertisers was just completely against what New Zealand is all about.  We are a nation to the most part where we respect others peoples freedom of speech, whether we agree with them or disagree with them we mostly support them.  We stand up for the little guy.   We are a nation where no matter what side of the political fence we sit on we still respect those who do not hold the same beliefs as we do.  And there in lays a problem, there are some people who are so completely against anything but their view that they believe that no one else has the right to hold any belief but what they believe.    

We are an amazing country that has a past where we have always stood up against bullies, we have always stood for our rights and we have sent soldiers off to war to stand up for what we believe in.  We are a nation where  18,500 New Zealanders died in World War One, 40,000 New Zealanders were wounded.  A nation where 11,928 New Zealanders died in World War Two.  These people died for our freedom, for our rights that we hold so dear.  Rights that people are standing up against and denying people of because they do not support the political side of the fence that others belong to.  And that is what this attempt to get advertisers to boycott Whale Oil is, it is a stand against one man’s freedom of speech, his rights that New Zealanders died for, his right of  freedom of speech.

When I first found Whale Oil I didn’t think this site belonged, but I stayed around and kept reading it and realised that I have never tried to stop someone’s freedom of speech, and I never will.  I do not care what side of the political fence a person sits on, I do not care what their beliefs are.  I was raised with the understanding that as long as what I did was legal then I would always have the support of my family no matter what I chose to do or be.  That is what we as New Zealanders must always do, support someone’s right to freedom of speech, to say what they want and be who they are within the respect of our laws.  To deny anyone is to insult those who gave their lives for this country, to insult those who built this country.

To those who openly oppose anyone’s freedom of speech because it does not fit into your political belief system  leaving you demanding that companies boycott it I say that you are an insult to all those people who gave their lives so that we can live in a free nation, that we can enjoy the rights we have today, including freedom of speech.   To those who openly contact businesses and demand they cancel any association with Whale Oil or you will boycott them simply because you do not agree with what is written here think about all those people throughout the history of NZ who gave their lives, to all those who went off and fought for this country, for our rights that we hold so dearly.  Think of all of those who have fought to build this country and to gain us these rights.  Those rights to which you are so opposed to by your very actions.  I will never deny someone their legal right to freedom of speech, I will never stand in their way as long as they are within the laws of this nation.  We are an amazing nation, but some within this nation need to learn to listen and respect others views rather than try to deny them their rights and try to destroy their businesses.   And that is why I have been contacting these companies to ask why they have decided to boycott a website because someone from another blog does not support someone’s freedom of speech.

I am saddened that these people who oppose freedom of speech, these people who oppose what people have gone to war for, oppose rights that people fought and struggled to build this country would actually care so little for their fellow New Zealander that they are actually contacting foundations that work hard to help and save New Zealanders lives.  That these people would rather such a foundations message does not get out and it misses out on donations because of their own little selfish desires.  These people disgust me that they are now playing with people’s lives and patting themselves on the back for doing so.  DISGUSTING.  THIS IS NOT WHAT NEW ZEALAND IS ABOUT, THIS IS NOT WHAT SO MANY WENT TO WAR FOR, OR GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR.  These people simply are not what this nation is about.


We must know all the facts and hear all the alternatives and listen to all the criticisms. Let us welcome controversial books and controversial authors. For the Bill of Rights is the guardian of our security as well as our Liberty.—John F. Kennedy


– Richard

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