Friday morning mailbag: No letup for 2Degrees as they bunker down


I have been astonished at 2 Degrees Mobile’s abject behavior in respect of a “complaint” that 2Degrees was undertaking sponsorship of the Whaleoil Blog through google directed advertising.

That you would contemplate or indeed pull advertising from a legitimate high hit rate website on the strength of some complaint the website was “political” is an indictment on 2Degrees’ business judgement.

I moved our accounts to 2Degrees because I saw you as the legitimate contender to break the Vodafone and Telecom duopoly. Was my enthusiasm mis-directed? 2Degrees is showing all the soul of an earthworm. If I wasn’t under contract I would pull my account immediately.

The advertising on the Whaloil blog is google directed – it has nothing to do with supporting or otherwise the content of the blog; any more than an advertisement in The Herald means 2Degrees supports the editorial in that day’s Herald. You are being played by political forces yourselves if you formally direct advertising away from Whaleoil.

I urge you to put matters to rights and leave the media buying for your advertising programmes to a policy that meets 2Degrees’ business objectives.

Kind regards


Here is another:

I have been watching with some interest your company pulling out of advertising on the Whale Oil blog site.

I am currently not a 2 degrees customer, and now never will be.

I do not always agree with the way Whale Oil speak their mind and at times disagree with their opinion, but freedom of speech is necessary in this great little country at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and this 2 Degrees decision puts the company in an interesting place and sets a precedence. For example will you continue to advertise in the Womens Weekly? They feed to paparazzi with cash to spy on celebs and probably had a role in the deaths of a number of celebrities like Princess Diana?

I ask you what?s worse ? someone speaking their mind, or someone invading privacy and hounding people causing death?

You cannot have your cake and eat it too 2 Degrees.


A few days ago we saw Richard write to 2Degrees. ?His letter started off our series on this particular advertiser boycott. ? He’s written again, this time to me.

Once again good evening

I know that your time will be at an absolute premium at the moment but I would just like to say that I was really surprised, but quite honoured, that you put a copy of my email below on the website today and it was good to see that it generated some thoughtful comment. I was also fascinated to see the ?reply? from Mathew Bolland, Director of Corporate Affairs and Wholesale that you also posted, that, to all intents and purposes, seemed to be a reply to me. Therefore, I was half-expecting it to be in my home email inbox when I got home from work. Alas, nothing to me personally, even though I had sent my initial email from my personal home email to 2 Degrees? ?Complaints? contact on their website, so it would have been very easy for them to reply.

I had composed a reply in my mind on the way home but, in the absence of anything from 2 Degrees, the ?mental composition? of my reply was wasted.

However, there were two main points that I was going to make:

? Their continuing reference to a ?political blog site?. I, like so many others I am sure, see WO as a NEWS site with, yes, an evident and unabashed political leaning. But, to have a site where interesting and pertinent subjects are debated, and where your brain is suitably engaged, is like an oasis in the ?parched land? of today?s so-called ?journalism? ? the paucity of actual, well-researched and well-considered news in this country is alarming; and I am keenly looking forward to the launch of your news site, to which you often refer ? the ?news? offered to us today is an insult to one?s intelligence

? That the response was very ?corporate? in its nature and style, perhaps understandably coming from the Director of Corporate Affairs. Its wording sought to both support what had been said previously in the ?auto-response?, as well as extending a line of reasoning, the logic of which escapes me ? i.e. the ?misrepresentation by some bloggers?!. It also had a sense of ?chiding? me for having the impertinence to question their decision ? almost a ?so there? tone! But, what is of the most concern, and what convinces me that this is a ?corporate-type? justification for their action is that NOWHERE, NOWHERE is there an invitation for me to reconsider my decision and attempt to retain me as a customer (isn?t that what they are in business for?); no ?we trust that this clearly explains our position and we sincerely hope that you will decide remain a customer of 2 Degrees? etc, etc. No they just don?t care; they have justified their stance and if you want to leave, well off you go

That?s enough for now!

Many thanks for all your continuing efforts.


Yes, 2Degrees aren’t going to respond. ?They think this will go away. ?And it will, as soon as Martyn Bradbury and his far lefty loons rent-a-crowd stop harassing businesses into taking self-damaging positions. ?Once that stops, the stories all go away.

In the mean time, all we can do is continue to highlight what is happening in the hope enough businesses realise what’s going on and prepare a response and a position before they are even approached.


For example, EVO cycles did a great job of turning it all around. ?On first reaction, they too felt they should block Whaleoil advertising. ?But that was based on what they were told. ?They didn’t look into the truth of the assertions, and it seemed a good decision to make.

Once the brown stuff started to hit the rotary oscillator, they realised they made a mistake. ?Instead of digging in, they came to Whaleoil and engaged our readers in the comments. ?They took 100% responsibility for what they realised was a big mistake, and they also said they’d just have to live with the outcome.

Today, one of their ads was spotted on Whaleoil.


They have obviously decided to reverse their decision to boycott Whaleoil, and to not give in to half a dozen far left loons.

On that basis, anyone who still feels let down by Evo Cycles, please note, they have stood up to be counted as a business that is not going to be cowed by email writers with hidden agendas.

More importantly, they now have, once more, a positive outcome and our 285,000 readers will not just think of them well, they will now make special effort to go put their business with them.


That, 2Degrees, is how you dig yourself out of a hole.

Your company ?seems to be wanting to do this for the long run. ? ?Your customers are disappointed though.