I have been frustrated at the lies

A second Ground Crew guest post, by Bart67

I have never been so emotionally involved in an electoral campaign as this one, and I find myself wondering why that is?

I have been frustrated at the lies, mis-truths and half-truths that have permeated this entire campaign, and the final straw has been this saga about Whaledump, Rawshark, and Dirty Politics. It has exposed a very unsavoury aspect of many peoples personalities, and also has highlighted how cheaply some people can be bought.

I see two groups of people involved in this sad excuse of a political campaign. And it is not a left against right division that has revealed itself. It has degenerated in to a struggle between people of principle who seek to manage this country for the best benefit of us all, and people who seek power and influence for the sake of power and influence, and whose motives are at best questionable, at worst borderline criminal.

There have been people of principle on all sides. I gained a newfound respect for Sue Bradford, although recent comments surrounding the recent tragedy in Ashburton did have a certain reverting to type feel about them. I was surprised to see Tame Iti put his name up for the Maori Party, although he has recognised that the best way to work for his people is to work with the people at the top table. Perhaps he has realised that under a National Government, Tuhoe has received apologies, a settlement, and has experienced a police force interested in reaching out and interacting with Tuhoe positively. Under Labour, Tuhoe lost access to foreshore and seabed, were under surveillance, and were raided. Georgina Beyer has made some interesting comments in regard to the Internet Party that make me think all is not lost.

Others have shown their true colours. Hone Harawira appears to have taken the money and run. I doubt there has been a performance clause in his contract! Laila Harre, so long a self confessed champion of the poor and downtrodden, has sold out in a big way. I knew you could buy a politician, but to do so openly is just bizarre! John Minto and Annette Sykes have so often claimed to be the voices of the true socialist, but have shown again that they are full of sound and fury, but signify nothing. I guess with his anti-Israel bias, Minto may find some common ground with Kim Schmidt, but a common ground of hatred does not augur well for a long standing and productive relationship.  

Many of those people call themselves ‘revolutionaries’, so as to give their point of view some legitimacy. There is a segment of our society that exult in this point of view, but opinion polls seem to show that they can gain no real traction. At least 50% of us seem to be quite happy with how things are going, and it looks like that is how we will vote. That does seem to annoy the unprincipled so called ‘revolutionaries’. They are just going to have to deal with it. The people will speak. That’s called democracy, and that is how it works. The expressed will of the majority determines how we will be governed. All the money in the world will not change the fact that the government we get is the one we choose for ourselves.

So, why are most of us looking like we will cast our vote for National, or a National led coalition?

In the National Party, we have real people, people who have experienced life in the real world, and who have been largely successful in what they have done. These are people who have made a good life for themselves, and have chosen to give back to the country that allowed them to become what they have become. Largely self made men and women, people who know what it takes to get somewhere in life. They represent a party of hard work and reward.

In Labour, the benches appear less well populated. Socialists, political movers and shakers, unionists, people who have attained their positions not by hard work and reward, but by making the right speeches to the right people, and by trying to control how other people do things. People like Jacinda Adern who seek a position in Government because they want to govern, to control. Not to give back, not to encourage others to work hard, they want to be in charge, because they feel it is their right to be in charge!

The Greens are an eclectic mix of social progressives, Marxists and genuine environmentalist tenuously linked under an umbrella of convenience. Very focussed on a narrow band of issues that are all but unworkable in the real world. The narrowness of their outlook means that they will never attain any real influence, despite all the best will in the world, they can never shake off the fact that some of them are just a bit, well, weird! Metieria Turei’s LARP-ing is a good example. She likes to retreat in to a fantasy world! Like Jacinda, her sense of self importance is breathtaking. There is a reason they have no electorate MP’s. As people, no-one would vote for them, as a movement, they are borderline electable, but only because they misrepresent themselves. Green on the outside, red in the middle! A seedless watermelon, lacking real substance, and ultimately completely non productive!

The Winston First party is held together by the human headline! When he goes, so will his party. It’s been many long years since the Winebox, and the man is a shadow of his former self. He occasionally gets a soundbite, but the man needs to remember he barely gets 5% of the vote if he’s lucky, and he needs to remember that he doesn’t actually have all that much influence outside of Parliament.

The other minor parties are just a little too out there. There is a reason McGillicuddy Serious wound up, some of the minor parties are a little too close to what they presented!

So, two weeks out from the election, and we have had scandal, theft, authors bought, politicians bought, court cases, people of standing brought down by rumour, lies and innuendo. We have had seekers of truth vilified, convicted fraudsters idolised, protesters mollified, leaders marginalised, policies ignored so that half truths and skewed reports can be presented as facts, facts presented as lies, lies presented as possibilities and made up facebook conversations presented as facts. We have had journalists in the main stream media go on record complaining that despite their best efforts, people are not changing their minds. We have had independant blogs accused of being politically funded and controlled, and politically run blogs who swear they have nothing to do with political parties! Smoke and mirrors, truth and lies, and in the end, it may all come down to how badly David Cunliffe and the Labour Party tried to introduce a Capital Gains Tax!

At the end of all of this, the person who is probably happiest about all of this is John Banks, who has been sidelined by the Coatesville Crim in a manner most foul, and is an issue still before the courts, so it behooves me to restrict my comment on this issue, but I wish Mr Banks luck!

At least he’s not involved in this train wreck of a campaign. In some ways, he’s probably the luckiest of us all!

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