Goverment expected to pay up for unwanted children


Deirdre Mussen explains

Three children were enough for a mother who went into hospital to have her tubes tied in 1997. But she is now a mother of five, and says the botched sterilisation has had “huge financial implications”.

“They’re good kids, but if I had stopped at number three, I would be kicking up my heels now. Instead, I’ve still got child commitments.”

The woman is one of at least 11 pursuing ACC for the cost of raising children as a result of failed sterilisations.

In its most recent estimate, in 2011, Inland Revenue estimated the cost of raising a child until the age of 18 at $250,000. Wellington ACC lawyer John Miller, a father of four who is acting for the women, said: “Personally, I think that’s a bit light.”

The unnamed mother said the family had to buy a van to transport all the children, and she had lost earnings from staying at home to raise the unplanned child, who is now nearly 16.

She later had a fifth child before having a second – successful – operation to tie her fallopian tubes. Her two sons born after the failed sterilisation were dearly loved, and called themselves “miracle babies”. “They got through when no-one else would.”

I?reckon ACC should just tell them they aren’t?getting their?payout but that there will be a CYFS van arriving at 3pm to collect the children to take them?off their?hands so they?won’t have to deal with the inconvenience. ?Imagine, after dinner, then can all “kick up their?heels”.


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