Hippy food choices bad for kids – New study


Hippy food choices, like veganism are bad for kids.

As the popularity of alternative-lifestyle choice ‘veganism’ increases across Europe, officials in Switzerland have expressed concerns about the health implications for children who have the unusual diet forced on them by “idealistic” parents.

In the statement, Swiss officials said: “Vegan food is not recommended for young children. It can cause serious harm”. The lack of vitamin B12, which is seriously deficient in Vegan diets is the main cause of the interjection by federal health officials, who have warned denying children access to animal-derived food at an early age can cause health problems. 

Vitamin B12 is essential to a functioning nervous system and brain, as well as a number of other essential body functions including the production of blood. Young children normally receive the B12 they need by breastfeeding, but in the case of Vegan mothers the milk is deficient.

TheLocal.chreports the number of Vegans has increased fourfold in the last decade to 80,000, which is almost one percent of the Swiss population.

Veganism, an extreme version of vegetarianism forbids not only meat but all animal products, including dairy such as cheese and milk and in some cases food and drink produced using enzymes and bacteria such as beer and wine. It has seen a recent upsurge in popularity in Switzerland, a country traditionally highly regarded for its cheese and meat based dishes.

All the vegetarians and vegans I know have a sickly disposition…and look like they don;t enjoy life very much.

Imagine life with out bacon!


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  • Cam, you’d be Israeli. I could give up bacon (not that I want to), but not beef and chicken, let alone cheese and milk. Imagine how crap life would be without milky tea or cappuccinos!

  • Quinton Hogg

    There would be revolution and insurrection in my house if we went even vegetarian.
    My sons don’t do vegetables, not even the good ones like peas and corn!
    Bacon on the other hand is a serious favourite.

  • SimpleQuestion

    Don’t you claim to be a Seventh Day Adventist? They don’t eat pork, and encourage vegetarianism.

  • OhopeBeachBuoy

    If you train hard, physically, as I once did as a fairly competitive cyclist, your body tells you what it wants. You’ll crave oranges or green vegetables or a massive steak and you’ll eat them. Obey your instincts.
    We used to have a simple saying when doing long stage races: if it’s a calorie, EAT IT!

  • Rod

    A lot of people eat too much meat , which can be unhealthy. But our digestive tract is clearly that of an omnivore, designed to handle a wide variety of foods. Moderation is the key, especially with cured meats like bacon and ham. People who eat large amounts of these are prime candidates for bowel cancer.

  • Bart67

    I’ve been saying for years, parents who force children to be vegan or vegetarian should be investigated for child abuse!

  • My daughter who has moved out of home for about a year has become a vegetarian. She came home for a weekend and made us a vegetarian lasagne. I had to make an excuse to go out shortly after the meal to get a burger into my body! This can not be good for you and I agree if a parent forces this on a kid, they should be had for child abuse.

    • nellie

      I do love a good vegetable curry though…ooh and samosas, yum.

      • LOL Just add a bit of minced beef to that curry or samosas and then see how yummy it is!

  • Cowgirl

    I was vegetarian for yonks, but never vegan. I don’t think vegans are very healthy, and I never wanted food to control my life any more than it already did. I was hard-pressed to find meals sometimes in restaurants that I could eat, and always having to plan ahead is tiresome. I am iffy about cooking meat for any future children, but wouldn’t want to deprive them of essential nutrients and make those sorts of choices for them.
    These days I eat fish and seafood, chicken and pork. I didn’t want to go back to chicken and pork, but it’s a slippery slope once you start on fish again. I don’t want to eat mutton or beef ever, but pork is definitely a “gateway” meat. I have to say in all the years that I was vegetarian, I missed bacon the most.
    That being said, I still deliberately choose not to eat meat some days, because I think people eat too much of it, and sometimes I prefer a “lighter” meal.

  • paul

    Not good my kids, 8,5 and 3 all eat meat and veggies 5 nights a week at the table, they have so much energy, always outside with there dogs, climbing trees, doing there chores and we only ever seem to get colds in winter. They don’t have a choice but to eat what there mother has cooked my Dad always said “its a long time till breakfast” maybe we don’t need to be trendy about our kids health just be good parents.

  • Intrigued

    “A little bit of everything in moderation” is what my Gran always told me.
    Wise words I reckon. But from 12-32 I refused to eat red meat – just couldn’t bring myself to do it. That coincided with a period living in the UK just before they discovered ‘Mad Cow’ disease so in hindsight – glad I dodged that risk with my stubbornness. At 32 and pregnant with number 1 child I craved red meat so much that I used to go to a local cafe every workday and have their beef lasagne and Greek salad for lunch. My body was telling me I needed iron. At 24 weeks – huffing and puffing climbing the stairs I was still so anaemic. Iron tablets helped fix it but for the past 15 years Have been a staunch omnivore and my favourite meal is a beautifully cooked eye fillet steak! I look at vegans and vegetarians and feel just so sorry for them. Missing out on one of life’s great gifts makes so many of them look so pinched and unhappy.
    Mark Twain famously once said “The secret to success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” I had that pinned to my fridge for awhile to stop the guilts but I think Gran’s message is probably the best one to live life by!

    • pisces8284 .

      Most returning OEers come back vegetarian. Maybe it;s a choice or a health thing, mostly I find it was economic and they return to eating meat pretty quickly

  • Observer

    Vegans are no good for our economy and no good comes of eating only plants! We are a meat producing and exporting nation – eat as much as you can and be happy!

    Those that force these regimes on their children (“naughty meat eaters, etc.”) deserve the sickly anaemic, unable to play sport because they break their arms and legs, type kids they end up with!

    We had one at school who by 14 could not even look at the rest of us playing bullrush etc. at lunch time (after quaffing half a dozen luncheon sandwiches!!) without one of his limbs would snap! God knows if he made it to late 40’s like the rest of us now are!

  • slade52

    My kid’s cooking group at school was restricted to making vege food because one member of the group was a vegetarian. I fail to see how that is different from Christians forcing prayer time on everyone else at school.

  • Geoff

    The mindset of most vegans/vegetarians is self-perpetuating. It goes like this….

    They won’t eat meat because, in a nutshell, they aren’t thinking straight.
    They’re not thinking straight because they don’t eat meat.

    ,,, and round and round it goes. Break the cycle. Tuck into a steak.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    How can you tell if someone is vegan? Easy- they’ll tell you.