Impertinent questions


The people want a clean out in Dirty Politics, do they like a clean out of?the Media too?

Which journalist is paid roughly $200k a year from Fonterra, while working as a “lowly paid” journo at a major media outlet?

Which journalist is paid roughly $100k from Business initiative

Who would be surprised this is the same journalist?

The journalist is also paid for columns which strangely seem to spend a lot of time focusing on Fonterra.

via TV3 News

via TV3 News

How many other sanctimonious journos, op-eds and editorial writers are still in the closet at media organisations?

Shall we open the doors?

Is this why “journalists” don’t mind the meager pay scales as they are?such a small part of their real income and they need to stay “employed” at the media company to be able to perform their covert PR job?

Does the public think they should be told which journos are taking money for articles other than their media salary?

Just how far are we all going to go? ?Do we need to burn it all down?

Who wants to start?

Who wants it to stop?