IMPORTANT: Update on Pak ‘n Save


Whaleoil has been under a well organised and sustained attack. ?We’ve had a Denial of Service attack, which shut the blog down for a number of days. ?We have had some of our emails and Facebook chats hacked. ?We’ve been under a commercial attack where advertisers have been approached with a very one-sided story, and based on that, withdrawn their advertising from Whaleoil.

Yesterday, I ran an update on this situation, reporting that of all the advertisers that has made public statement about blocking their advertisements from Whaleoil, only Foodstuff (fronting for Pak ‘n Save) was refusing to talk to any of the communication you sent them. ?And – no ads.

As a result, I felt it was fair enough to call the block a deliberate stance.

Mere hours later, as if by magic, Pak ‘n Save ads started to appear on the web site. ?



I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that they have seen Whaleoil’s weekly audience independently assessed by Horizon as a little under a quarter of a million readers. /TUI

In the end, they still haven’t had the decency to respond publicly. ?But, I guess this is as good a sign as ever that they have reversed their decision to deliberately exclude the Whaleoil audience.

As one of our readers said “oh thank goodness, now I can go get those yummy buns again”.


More importantly, the commercial attacks on Whaleoil have been a total defeat for the far left activists. ? We know that The Daily Blog was behind this – they, after all, were publicly and overtly discussing how to do it, encouraging people to complain, and the blog owner proudly displayed Pak ‘n Save as one of their success stories.

Makes me feel rather good to know that you all rallied behind Whaleoil with your donations, your support, and you even took the time to let Pak ‘n Save and Foodstuffs know you weren’t happy with their decision.

This means the far left activists have not only failed, they have boosted Whaleoil’s operating?funds, increased our audience, and made us come together?as a group of people who happen to choose to read one web site and not another.

Whaleoil may, at times, ?make your ear drums singe, your cornea blister and your stomach cringe, but we play with a straight bat. ?We may use all the rules and tricks in the book, but we don’t resort to crime, conspiracy and money laundering to get where we want to go.

And that, my dear readers, is something we can all be proud of.

In case it isn’t clear: ?If you were moved to stop shopping at Pak ‘n Save and/or other Foodstuffs businesses, this should remove your objections and life can go back to where it was before the far left activists tried to damage?Whaleoil by interfering with its income stream.


Advertisers are not sponsors. ?Whaleoil does not endorse advertisers, and advertisers do not endorse Whaleoil. ?This is nothing new. ?Let normality resume.