No interference, no communication, time to reinstate Collins

Hamish Rutherford finds that Judith Collins had no input at all into investigation of the poor behaviour of Adam Feeley.

Another claim by Nicky Hager and the hacker that has fallen down with an examination of the truth.

Judith Collins had no input into an investigation into the conduct of the former boss of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) once it was set up, the State Services Commissioner (SSC) says.

Less than a month before the election, Collins was forced to quit as a minister after an email written by Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater suggested that as Police Minister she was ??gunning for [Adam] Feeley??, then the director general of the SFO in October 2011.

At the time Feeley was under investigation by the SSC, following media reports that he celebrated charges against former Bridgecorp boss Rod Petricevic by drinking champagne belonging to Bridgecorp directors.

Eventually, the investigation cleared Feeley, who continued in the role for around a year, before leaving to become chief executive of the Queenstown Lakes District Council.

John Key looks to have acted in haste, and breached my privacy at the same time.

He should be apologising to two people right about now.

This is the first step on the path to the return of Judith Collins. She did nothing wrong and the inquiry will find that out.

Then John Key will have to re-instate her.

Meanwhile he could apologise for the breach of privacy…and I don’t mean using weasel words like “no hard feelings”.


– Hamish Rutherford, Fairfax